A UN report says that nearly one billion people are hungry because of biofuels such as ethanol from corn

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A UN report this week says that nearly one billion people are hungry, partly because of biofuels such as ethanol from corn.

The findings are echoed in a report published today by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), based in Washington DC. Maximo Torero, one of the report’s authors, says policymakers must “curtail biofuels subsidies” and “discourage the use of food crops in biofuel production” to limit food price volatility.



  • Kelly Starks

    As the old saying goes, “It takes a village, to feed your car.” I.E. kill them to free up the food.

    ‘Course using biofuels roughly doubles the airpollution per mile….

    Never did did get the logic of green fuels.

  • Alan M

    So here you go again, sir. So biofuels are causing people to go hungry, says the “UN”. Never mind mass drought and crop loss. REALLY! I love how you pick and choose your facts from an article to support your Republican bias. Utterly disgusting. And when did the UN become so competent in your mind. I seem to recall your opinion being quite different when it supported your ideas against manmade global warming. So this is a completely biased blog. Useless. Thanks for nothing. Once again, grow up.

  • David Hollick

    This is a blog, not a journalism site. Blogs, by definition, are the opinions of the author of the blog. Even the space articles Zimmerman cites are reflections of his own opinions. If you want news without opinion, go to a news site.

  • Kelly Starks

    Realistically there is so much excess food production capacity in the world, supply shortages don’t cause famine – though, adding cars as a competitor for food would up the cost, which can’t help folks in the 3rd world.

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