A woman spends six weeks trying to cancel an Obamacare insurance policy.

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Repeal the damn law: A woman spends six weeks trying to cancel an Obamacare insurance policy.

Ms Hill was told by an ObamaCare operator that she needed to call her insurance company, who passed her back to the Federal Exchange. Ms Hill claims the terminate button on Obamacare’s website did not work, and that she spent ‘several hours a day’ on hold with the Health Insurance Marketplace. Finally, Ms Hill drove to her insurance company’s headquarters in Kansas City, 100 miles from her home, and they were able to help her cancel her ‘Obamacare’ plan.

Remember, Obamacare essentially asks the equivalent of the DMV to handle the complex task of running the nation’s health insurance industry. And we all know how efficient the DMV is!



  • Jwing

    I remember when this country went to the Moon? How many folks today truly do? I remember that can-do spirit that made “Made in the USA” second to none.

    What happened in the past 45 plus years? They can’t even run a health insurance program that they devised!!!

    Well, I do know one thing…individuals free to tinker, to invent and to dream their dreams in an unhindered free market will never fail.

    p.s. I don’t wear pajamas either; I haven’t since I was four.

  • Let us not remember: let’s do!

  • Michael Proudfoot

    If memory serves, when the idea of nationalized health care came up in the 1970’s, Gerald Ford said that it would provide the efficiency of the postal service with the compassion of the IRS. Well, here we are, although comparing O’Care to the USPS may be an insult to the USPS.

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