AARP raises employee premiums because of Obamacare

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You can’t put lipstick on this pig! AARP, which backed healthcare reform because it thought it would lower costs, has announced that due to healthcare reform it will raise the premiums its employee pay by 8 to 13 percent. Meanwhile, privacy advocates are raising alarms about the federal health database being set up under the healthcare bill.


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  • taka2k7

    Curious if there would have been a premium increase without the recent reform.

    It’s a bit early to judge how effective these reforms will be when some of them haven’t even been implemented.
    As with all laws, some aspects will be ineffective and others very effective.
    Only time will tell.

    I suspect that most likely victim of the recent Republican/Tea Party take over of the House, will be the insurance mandate. Carrot might work better than a stick. Perhaps a federal tax deduction for insurance premiums, vice a fine. Not that I’m a huge fan of more complexity in the tax code… it needs to be simpler… but that’s another discussion.

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