Abolish the TSA

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Now here’s a good idea: Abolish the TSA.



  • Kelly Starks

    TSA was started as political pork to federal unions (by giving them the jobs commercial airport security was doing much better) then just became theater (most of the over blown security meassure are done more for show to reassure folks, then because they had any security advantage). And beyond that its widly became a source of abuse of people by the TSA.

    Its too much trouble to let friends and others through security, or to keep enough scaning gates open to handel traffic – so they just demand pasengers arive a hour early, and find whoever is supposed to pick them up in the bagage area.

    Making special efforts to search sullen mideaster looking young males makes you look biased so they are the least likely to get special searches. Shapely young women on the other hand are the most likely to be pulled aside and searched, or asked to pull down or up their cloths a bit, etc.

    Sites testing the full body scanners that we were assured didn’t store the semi nude looking images – did store them, and could be outload them to a flash drive. Some images wound up on the web in a couple hours. I expect famous folks images will go to auction.

    Beyond that of course, the rate of theft of personal property has gone way up under the TSA, and they can take anything they like in seraches. In one famous case a WW-II verteran was told his congressional medal of honor was going to be taken as a potential weapon. He had to argue so long to keep it – he missed his flight, adn hence missed his giving his commencement address at west point.

  • Or at least abolish the 4th amendment exclusion zones.. what’s the point of having a Bill Of Rights if the federal government can just create exclusions for government agents?

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