Absurd monument to Yuri Gagarin lambasted

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A new monument to honor Yuri Gagarin in Belgrade, Serbia, is meeting with intense criticism and ridicule because of the absurd proportions between the statue, which is of Gagarin’s head, and its overly tall pedestal.

The bust of Yuri Gagarin was ordered by the city council last year, and was put up on a street that bears his name, the Blic news website reports.

But its appearance – a tiny bust on top of a tall plinth – has been met by a hugely negative reaction, the paper says. “The only way you can see it clearly is to launch yourself into the sky,” the Noizz website says. “While this is somewhat symbolic,” adds writer Ivana Stojanov, “there’s certainly no common sense on show”.

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  • Localfluff

    It’s like a Hollywood alien head hunters’ monument.
    “-We got this one fried alright! What if we try to boil them, or eat them raw?
    – That’s a revolutionary idea for gastronomy!”

  • It’ a government project, so built by the lowest bidder.

    But I’ll have a go:

    “The plinth represents humanity, while the emerging head symbolizes the first foray into a new and unknown frontier.”

    Western Liberal:

    “While the dark hue of the monument evokes people of color, the shape and form clearly perpetrate the phallic oppression of the patriarchy. The head of a White man tops the monument, driving home the historical oppression of women and minorities.”

    Man, this art critic gig is easy.

  • FC

    Gagarin didn’t die, he just became the God Emperor of Dune.

  • eddie willers

    Still beats Jackson Pollock.

  • Michael Dean Miller


    A bad looking monument to a brave man.

    Try again.


  • wayne

    Blair– Good stuff ma’ man! (it’s done in the ‘socialist-realism’ style)

    newly updated in 2015
    “Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium”
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

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