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According to a new poll, the number of voters who consider themselves independents is now the highest in seventy-five years.

Good news: According to a new poll, the number of voters who consider themselves independents is now the highest in seventy-five years.

If you call yourself independent, it means you intend to keep an open mind about who to vote for. It means you have decided that loyalty to party affiliation is not a reason to vote for a candidate. It means that you have decided to reject conventional wisdom and go your own way.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will make a wise decision, but it does mean that on the whole the American electorate has decided our government needs a new approach, and that knee-jerk loyalty to the established political parties is not the way to get it.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    This piece is spot-on. Funny – I just told my friends here at work today the same thing – that I’m 100% confident Walker will prevail. WHY?? Because not ABC, nor CBS, nor NBC even MENTIONED the Recall on their network newscasts last night – a sure sign they think “their side” is going to LOSE ! ! You know darn well if Walker was about to be ousted, it’d be the lead story. Now they’re obviously trying to downplay the whole thing, pretending it isn’t important & that a Dem loss in WI doesn’t portend bad things for their side in Nov. A far cry from a few months ago, when the protests were given front-page & lead-story coverage…

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Sorry – this was meant to be posted under the next story about the Walker Recall election – my bad…

  • BSJ

    Or it means that populace is moving to the extremes, left and right. “Main Stream” politicians are basically centrist and they are getting voted out of office more and more often.

    When the extremes get control and power, everything spirals out of control. “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

  • Patrick

    At least around here most of the independents are actually life long Democrats who are now totally disgusted with the Democrat party but can’t bring themselves to vote republican.

    I have found that even most tea party members are the same.

    Most republicans are not that put off by the party yet. At least around here in Ohio.

  • wodun

    It is crazy times we live in when not wanting $1t+ deficits is called extreme. I would hardly call the way congress has been run over the last 15-20 years as moderate. There are other more derogetory adjectives that would be more fitting. First among among them, corrupt.

  • BSJ

    Thanks for proving my point. You see the other side as un-American worthy of only hatred and contempt. The thing is, they see you the same way. What part of ‘divided, can’t stand’ do you not understand?

  • BSJ

    Nobody’s been voted out for being a RINO in Ohio? That would indeed be against the trend…

  • Doug Plata

    Unfortunately it is very difficult for the average (even independent) voter to truly understand what any particular candidate stands for/will do. Especially this is true at the state level below governor. So what is the best information the independent voters have to go on? That little (D) or (R) after the candidate’s name. Like it or not, parties are not going away anytime soon.

    For voters who want bipartisan solutions, a Bipartisan Coalition would help them distinguish between moderate and extreme candidates based upon voting records and NPAT scores compared to their peers (i.e. relative on the extreme/moderate scale). At a minimum, extremist candidates would get fewer votes even from the moderate voters in their own party.

  • wodun

    Who said anything about the other side?

    It is far past time the both parties returned to rational governance.

  • BSJ

    Well said, I fully agree with that!

    I stand corrected.

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