According to a new report from the federal government, only 6 percent of the country’s electricity comes from green energy sources.

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According to a new report from the federal government, only 6 percent of the country’s electricity comes from green energy sources.

What strikes me about this figure is that, if I remember right, back in around 2001 or so green energy sources only contributed about 3% of our electrical needs, and Vice President Dick Cheney then made the point that even if we doubled that number it wasn’t going eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels. For that comment Cheney got pilloried by the press and by green activists for being a barbarian who was against saving the planet.

Well, here we are, about a dozen years later, and we have doubled our use of green energy, and Cheney was 100% right, we are still reliant on fossil fuels.



  • wodun

    It’s ok because it makes us feel good and certain people are making a lot of money off it.

  • john policeman

    Govt reports re green energy are not to be trusted. I’ll bet that the wind number is actually installed CAPACITY, rather than actual production. The turbines only operate at about 20% of installed optimum capacity.

  • joe

    and to remain stable on the grid, natural gas power plants have to augment this fake number.

  • Pzatchok

    You could double that number and we would still have to………….

  • ken anthony

    But Cheney was Darth Vader… you just keep letting facts confuse ya.

  • Kelly Starks

    Your all just green deniers. We all know in a few more years Solyndra and the Chinese solar energy firms will drive fossil fuels out of the market!
    ……. What do you mean they all went bankrupt?!! HEATHENS!!! Arrest them for blasphemy!!

  • Pithole Hermit

    And those that do call themselves green are trying to lower carbon dioxide, thereby starving trees and green plants. Doesn’t sound green to me.

  • Cotour

    I don’t know how many here saw the 60 Minutes report on the 80 year old amateur scientist who seems to have cracked the problem of breaking down and accessing the energy potential in the bio mass such as foliage and other plant material.

    A friend sent me the clip and I was initially skeptical but when you see the investment that has been made here you will soon understand that this appears to be the real deal. How do we know this? Investors have put up several hundred million dollars already and facilities have been constructed and are operational, and when you see who now sits on the advisory board you will also understand that there appears to be something there there.

    Its quite interesting and may be a part of the future in a big way.

  • wayne

    CBS = vey fake news.

  • Cotour

    CBS = fakes news, but what about the story.

    Are you suggesting that the entire story and the facilities built and research is all fake? Now that would be a story establishing your first contention about CBS.

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