According to one online hacker/security expert, no security was ever built into the Obamacare website.

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O joy: According to one online hacker/security expert, no security was ever built into the Obamacare website.

The issue is not so much that the website is a dangerous place to enter personal information (bad as that is) but that no one should be surprised by any of this. Allowing the equivalent of the Motor Vehicle Administration to run the whole health insurance industry was guaranteed to produce these problems, as conservatives repeatedly noted in 2010.



  • D. K. Williams

    There is only one thing this administration is good at. Unfortunately, it’s getting elected.

  • Pzatchok

    hey don’t make fun of Ohio’s motor vehicle service.

    It went private 40 years or more ago and has run excellently ever since.

    All title and license work is handled by private contractors who bid for the work.

    I have never had more than a 20 minute wait for anything.

    Now the Social Security Administration, that place is pathetic. But what do you want for government union workers?

    I have never had less than a one hour wait in that place.

  • Kelly Starks

    > security was ever built into the Obamacare website…

    Yeah, the HTML code on the entry page had comment text stating no assumptions of privacy should be made for any data entered into the site. The company contracted for the front stuff said it was all supposed to be just informational – until the listing of the available policies showed serious-sticker-shock prices. Then the White house asked for the users info to be collected before the policy options were shown, so federal subsidies could be calculated in to make the prices look better.

    Oh, they have also found signs that the sites have already been hacked, and special access codes allowing hackers to reenter more quickly were added.

    Also security folks have said since the site accesses federal mainframe servers for your personal info (IRS, DOD veterans, social security, welfare, etc) by bypassing their entry security features – once you get into, you have direct access to all the others with full privileges. I.E. access to the feds financial accounts. could well allow the first muti-billion dollar internet theft – hey maybe bigger if you’re a gov that thinks you can stand up to Washington wanting it back?

  • Pzatchok

    Those guys are just leaving those back doors so they can come back later and sign up without the long wait.

    Trust Berry he knows best. He wouldn’t risk all of your personal data just to push an agenda. That would be just wrong and unethical. Sorry I forgot Obama didn’t teach ethics.

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