According to Russian space officials, the next Soyuz tourist flight will be in 2014

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According to Russian space officials today, the next Soyuz tourist flight to ISS will be in 2014.

The article above contradicts yesterday’s story where the head of the Russian space agency suggested that Russia is going to shift its focus from manned space. I suspect both stories reflect an underlying political battle going on within the Russian government.


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  • Art Harman

    Hi Bob, strange clashes in the Kremlin–or maybe the left hand doesn’t know what the far-left hand is doing?

    Interestingly this also contradicts a report earlier in the year that Russia would do no more tourist launches except the already planned circumlunar one James Cameron has a ticket on. Given how they have kept hiking the cost for NASA astronauts, I figured they had priced themselves out of the tourist market, but maybe someone offered a price they couldn’t resist.

    Or let’s be really devious (and you can never underestimate Chinese deviousness) and speculate China wanted to raid ISS of all technical info they possibly could, and offered Russia $100M to give the first ‘astrospy’ a week to plunder the joint and plant back-doors in the computers…

    Well, we’ll find out when the ticket-buyer is revealed!

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