“After completing this study, we know less about dark matter than we did before.”

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The uncertainty of science: “After completing this study, we know less about dark matter than we did before.”



  • The Emigrant

    It actually is somewhat exciting. So much we don’t know, and the key to the solution will probably involve imagination. Assume there actually is dark matter, which we now do–then does it have the same gravitational constant as “matter matter”? That, after all, is somewhat the assumption, isn’t it? But….what if one “piece” of dark matter actually has a far greater ability to exert gravitational “force” than normal matter (I presume that would mean there would be a lot less of it than hypothesized)? What if a “little dab will do ya”? How do we figure that out if so?

    Or….what if dark matter particles have a mutual repulsive force between themselves, unknown to us because it is unobserved, that is equal in effect to the gravitational force?

    Or….what if “normal matter” is really nothing more than “dark matter” that through some kind of synergistic/interactive effect amongst the dark matter is able to interact with light? That “normal matter” is like a standing wave effect caused by interacting dark matter particles at some deeper level? That there is no such thing as matter, but only nth-order effects of interactions of dark matter? That it is a collection or certain density of dark matter that causes “matter matter” to pop into existence–to be “squeezed” into the universe, so to speak.

    What if the relationship between matter and dark matter was somewhat akin to the order of magnitude between neutrinos and matter–matter affects not dark matter, but the reverse is not true?

    Like I said, it’s all neat and exciting.

  • The Emigrant

    As far as my point about interactions between dark matter possible creating matter–what if our ability to do stuff via colliders was, order of magnitude-wise, akin to the ratio of the amplitude of a very small and higher frequency modulation imposed on a larger amplitude/lower frequency carrier wave? That with colliders we are not actually exploring the fundamental nature of the universe, but merely making art on a canvas we do not understand yet?

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