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After months of encouraging lockdowns WHO officials now condemn them

This past weekend officials of the World Health Organization (WHO) came out to publicly condemn the policy of lock downs to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. David Nabarro from the W.H.O. appealed to world leaders on Saturday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus.

He claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.

…Speaking to Andrew Neil of the Spectator magazine, Dr. Nabarro bemoaned the collapse of the international tourism industry and claimed there would be a “doubling” in the levels of world poverty and child malnutrition by 2021 as he warned that lockdowns make “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

“I want to say it again: We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of controlling this virus,” Dr. Nabarro said.

This directly contradicts the head of WHO, who since April has been advocating lockdowns.

This disagreement within WHO further highlights the uncertainty of the effectiveness of lock downs, even as those lock downs without question devastate economies.

It does appear strange however for WHO to suddenly change its position, now so close to the election. If one was cynical, one could almost suspect they are now doing this because the election is almost here and once it passes and Joe Biden wins, they will need justification for ending the lock downs.

Of course, this assumes Biden will win. I predict that if Trump wins, WHO will suddenly have second thoughts, and will once again insist that the only cure of COVID is to outlaw all economic activity, as well as any conservative protest or gathering. BLM riots however will of course be permitted, as COVID cannot spread at such events.

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  • Cotour

    Very interesting Gallup poll results comparing Democrat men and women V Republican men and women V attitudes towards Covid.

    Scroll down and see: Attitudes and Behaviors Related to COVID-19, by Party and Gender

    The percentage of Democrats that are living in fear related to Covid is pretty much exactly the opposite from Republicans fear related to Covid. (Too much MSNBC?, CNN? The View?, Rachel Maddow? Don Lemon? etc.)

    This may reveal one of the fundamental differences between the two kinds of people that inhabit America? Or their gullibility? Democrats are making themselves nuts, and that is certainly driven by the political class and the media in their efforts to defeat Trump. Democrats without doubt are entirely invested in the fear narrative. Andrew Cuomo: “Be afraid of Covid”.

    And I am not saying to go out looking for Covid, but come on.

    Crazy is crazy, you just can not reason your way out of this. And if these numbers are accurate then does this mean that most of the Democrats will not show up to vote and will primarily vote by mail? And we can all recognize that mail in voting is going to be fraught with chaos, confusion and I will have to guess lots of invalidated ballots.

    The masses are being manipulated by master manipulators and many are blind to it.

    This all IMO bides well for Trump.

  • Cotour wrote, “Crazy is crazy, you just can not reason your way out of this.”

    Truer words were never spoken. The simple fact is that for at least 40% of our population, rational thought is no longer considered, or even understood. All that drives them is emotion, often fueled by leaders whose only interest is power.

    Unfortunately, more than anything this lack of interest in facts and rational thought signals the start of that dark age I’ve been warning about for the past decade. It has arrived, and it is unlikely to end for many generations. Every child who is now being taught to wear a mask all the time to avoid the flu or colds will extend that dark age for their life, and the lives of their own children.

  • Cotour

    I will add to the evidence of the crazy.

    Recently a gay married friend of mine emailed me this story:

    Thomas and Alito may revisit gay marriage issue:

    (And we all understand that the gay marriage issue as was the ACA decisions were work arounds and judicial activism because the the failure of the Congress. The Supreme Liberal majority allowed the ruling in order to install it in the culture so it would be impossible to undo. And I personally have no dog in this fight, none of my business, except that these decisions are manipulations by the court and not accomplished through valid legislation due to deliberation and compromise.)

    And in their emotion this is what was transmitted to me: “I will hold every supporter of this president responsible for ruining my life if gay marriage is overturned!”.

    Basically a direct threat directed at me.

    Crazy is crazy, and I can only assume that it will get crazier no matter who is the next president.

    Buckle up!

  • Gary

    I view the left’s belief and methods as that of a radical religion. Their perspective is narrow and rigid. They denigrate and dehumanize any opposition and motivate through instilling blind fear and anger. We all know what comes next…violence.. This is the stage we are entering. A modern day inquisition. People had best start paying attention, because millions of those under thirty are true believers.

  • Edward

    From the article:

    Speaking to Andrew Neil of the Spectator magazine, Dr. Nabarro bemoaned the collapse of the international tourism industry and claimed there would be a “doubling” in the levels of world poverty and child malnutrition by 2021 as he warned that lockdowns make “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

    Not only was this predictable, it was predicted. An expected increase in poverty in the U.S. is why the government sent out “stimulus” checks, back in May, and it is why they are now discussing a second round of check. Months ago, the World Trade Organization predicted tremendous starvation around the world as donations dried up and transport methods shut down, hampering the distribution of food.

    The dashed line in last graph in the following essay, all causes of U. S. deaths minus those attributed to Wuhan Plague, shows that significantly more Americans died of non-Wuhan Plague reasons in the summer of 2020 than died of all causes in the summers of 2018 and 2019.

    The only differences between summer of 2020 and the previous summers were the Wuhan Plague and the horrific reaction by several states. The lockdowns had a terrible effect: the loss of healthcare in spring made people sicker by the time they were able to get access to healthcare in the summer, and fear kept people away from hospitals and doctor offices. The adverse health effects of masks took their toll. The emotional effects of these lockdowns and shutdowns is not only the fear but the isolation and loneliness that we experience, now that we are forbidden from holding our accustomed gregarious events. Advertisements try to convince us that we are beating the virus together, but we are apart in doing it, not together — togetherness being banned. The second wave that our governments tell us has arrived shows that we failed to beat the virus, and Sweden shows that isolating the healthy is the wrong method. It was all for naught.

    But we have known that lesson for centuries. Only now is the World Health Organization (WHO) relearning this lesson. What a pack of rubes who run the WHO.

    … the cure was worse than the malady.

    Many observers pointed this out as early as early April. Once again, the WHO is late to understand the world whose health they are failing to protect.

    Shutting down economies must necessarily result in a reduction of wealth and prosperity, because less productivity occurs. Those who are prevented from being productive are the ones who are most affected, and it is their incomes that are lost. Several months ago, I said that the real heroes of the lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppression are those who lost their jobs and livelihoods. Unfortunately, we long ago discovered, and the WHO is only now discovering, that all this heroic sacrifice has been for naught, and indeed has done worse than had we reacted as we did with any other flu, although we could have done well by secluding the most vulnerable rather than outrageously sending Wuhan ailing patients directly into nursing homes.

  • John

    After all the hysteria, it does seem strange to reverse course now. We’re still in a deadly pandemic. I’m reminded of that every time I go out.

    I guess it would be too obvious if they waited until next month. By then, COVID, fear mongering, and lock downs will have served their purpose. I’m going to puke when the next administration & media celebrate how their masks and lockdowns defeated the virus.

  • Shaun Karry

    Just spent a week in Clearwater Florida. No mask wearing in the general public and most businesses open (people are living their lives!) . Direct contrast to my home state of Minnesota where everyone is walking around with masks and the infection rate is jumping significantly. But wait – ignore the fact that testing (in MN) has gone through the roof under Tim “Jong” Walz. And also ignore that hospitals are getting big paydays for “Covid” patients. We’re all going to die of course. Just fall in line.

  • Shaun Karry

    Also – For mister Bob Z – You have been absolutely correct about this pandemic from day one. My comments from back in Feb were based purely on the data of the time (which was terrible and so very hyped) and a generous amount of speculation. I’m glad I was wrong.

    Thank you for staying on top of things and providing information that has kept this whole thing in the correct perspective. I definitely understand where you’re coming from when you say you aren’t optimistic that the general public isn’t fully digesting the facts and making informed decisions about how to deal with this “political” pandemic.

    Keep it going Bob. Been reading your posts for at least 6 years now. (And Cotour’s)

  • Shaun Karry: Thank you for the kind words. You don’t know how much they are appreciated, at this particular moment.

    You might wish to go back and reread to one of my first essays on this subject, COVID-19: The unwarranted panic, posted on March 17, 2020. It will help illustrate why I came to my conclusions at the time that were so different from those of our failed leaders. You will see I focused very tightly on the real data from actual outbreaks of the virus (South Korea, China, and the Diamond Princess cruise ship), while the powers-that-be who failed us so badly focused instead on models based on opinions and guesswork.

    That actual early data told us — as I concluded in that March 17th essay — that only the elderly sick were threatened by the virus, that most people would be either asymptomatic or would quickly recover if they got sick, and that the very young were not only practically immune, they were not likely to spread it.

    And isn’t it interesting, that is exactly what we now know, both nationally and globally.

    Models are not scientific research. They are useful as guide in determining where you might wish to focus your research, but only to a very limited degree. The focus must always be on real data. Always.

  • pzatchok

    I admit the masks do work.
    As long as they are used in conjunction with every other sterile technique. Wash face and hands every 30 minutes, use gloves all the time and change masks at least once an hour.

    Lock downs also work.
    Just not as a lifestyle. I liken a lock down to a tourniquet. They work but they are not the cure, they have a huge chance of causing more damage then they prevent if used long term.

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