After warning repeatedly last year that the sequester would damage the economy, NBC now says “Nevermind.”

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Doing the work of the Democratic Party: After warning repeatedly last year that the sequester would damage the economy, NBC now says “Nevermind.”

It wasn’t just NBC. I can’t count the number of news sources and politicians that screamed “We’re all gonna die!” because sequestration was going to cut the federal budget a mere few percent. I said it then and I say it now: They were lying.

That news organizations participated in this lie however was particularly shameful. It didn’t take much research or thought to realize that these were lies. For NBC and other mainstream news organizations to not do that research tells us a great deal about how unreliable they are.

And by the way, remember the long lines threatened at the airports due to sequestration? We had those for about one day, and then things returned to normal. More evidence that it was all lying crap coming from this administration, forced upon travelers to make some dishonest political points, which were further aided and abetted by a lapdog press.


One comment

  • While at airports, I’m frequently exposed to the Obama Pravda media: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, which always produces a feeling of disgust, next a feeling of wanting to vomit, and finally anger.

    These media companies are completely useless for thinkers.

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