Air Force willing to use re-used Falcon 9 first stages

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Capitalism in space: The head of the Air Force’s space division said yesterday that they would be willing to launch satellites using Falcon 9 used first stages.

“I would be comfortable if we were to fly on a reused booster,” General John “Jay” Raymond told reporters at the U.S. Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. “They’ve proven they can do it. … It’s going to get us to lower cost.”



  • geoffc

    It is not reused, it is ‘seasoned’.

  • Diane Wilson

    “A booster of a certain age.”

  • Gealon


  • Tom Billings

    Alas, while Representative Rogers of Alabama wants to agree with Colonel Coyote about reorganizing MilSpace activities to save it money from the hands of the pilots running the AF, I doubt he’s too happy saving money this way. After all, much of this money will be saved by the AF buying rocket rides from people who do *not* build them in Alabama!

  • PeterF

    The proper term is;

    “flight tested”

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