Aldrin family ends legal battle

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Buzz Aldrin and his family have decided to end their legal fight over the assets of the former Apollo astronaut.

Seeking to restore family harmony months before 50th anniversary celebrations of the first human moon landing, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin has dropped a lawsuit that accused two of his children and the family foundation of abusing his finances and trust.

His children, Andy and Jan, also have dismissed an effort to win legal guardianship of their father, an 89-year-old Satellite Beach resident whom they claimed suffers from dementia.



  • Chris Lopes

    Didn’t Yeager have the same sort of trouble with his kids?

  • Orion314

    “That she may feel how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child…”
    King Lear

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Have not been following this too deeply, other than what Mr. Z. has been posting. I did do some very brief (and cursory) searching to try and flesh this out a bit more.

    AP News story from end of June 2018 reported:

    “Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin is suing two of his children and a former business manager, accusing them of misusing his credit cards, transferring money from an account and slandering him by saying he has dementia.
    Aldrin’s lawsuit filed earlier this month in a Florida state court came a week after his children, Andrew and Janice, filed a petition claiming their father was suffering from memory loss, delusions, paranoia and confusion.
    They asked for the court to name them his legal guardians, saying Aldrin was associating with new friends who were trying to alienate Aldrin from his family and that he had been spending his assets at “an alarming rate.”
    Court-appointed mental health experts planned to evaluate Aldrin in Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    In Aldrin’s lawsuit, the former astronaut asked a judge to remove Andrew Aldrin from control of his financial affairs, social media accounts and several nonprofit and business enterprises. Andrew Aldrin had been a trustee of his father’s trust.
    Buzz Aldrin said in the complaint that despite revoking the power of attorney he had given his son, Andrew Aldrin continued making financial decisions for him.
    Aldrin accused his daughter, Janice, in the lawsuit of not acting in his financial interests and conspiracy, and he accused his former manager, Christina Korp, of fraud, exploitation of the elderly and unjust enrichment.
    Also named in the lawsuit are several businesses and foundations run by the family.
    Aldrin’s oldest son, James, isn’t involved in the legal fight.
    In a statement, Andrew and Janice Aldrin said they’re saddened by the “unjustifiable” lawsuit.
    They said they would have no further comment.”

    So, apparently they initially (Andrew & Janice) convinced a Court to order a mental health evaluation on Aldrin. (That’s not all that hard to accomplish initially.) If Aldrin was dead-bang impaired at that time, [ a danger to himself or others ] the Court would have ordered a guardianship/conservator hearing and a family member would most likely have been appointed, unless there was a conflict of interest in play and the Court might go with a temporary guardian ad litem. This is an Administrative Court thing, it happens very quickly, and would be separate (but intermixed) from any Civil lawsuits that might ensue between Aldrin and others.
    Fortunately, in our Country, you don’t have to prove you aren’t impaired. The burden of proof is on the accuser.

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