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All charges dismissed in Bundy case

The law is such an inconvenient thing: The federal judge in the Cliven Bundy case has dismissed all charges against Bundy and three others, citing “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct.”

I think the article provides a fair and good summary of the history behind these events, which are complex, with no one entirely innocent. Overall my sympathies tend to favor Bundy, as the problem began with the take-over of his family’s traditional grazing lands a long time ago by the federal government.

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  • Diane Wilson

    So what does it take for “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” to result in disbarment? Or at least, getting fired?

  • wodun

    The federal government was abusive the entire time without repercussions so why not when they go to court?

    Government always tries to flex its power in disputes with civilians but this Bundy stuff is part of a larger effort to remove public lands from public use while also turning private lands to public use.

    You can go to the WDFW Wolf Management page and see a map that used to just have packs in the northeast of the state but over the last few years the packs have rapidly moved south. The wolf sighting page has sightings all over the state, including heavily populated areas. I have even seen wolfs practically in my backyard. Soon, all of the recreation areas will have wolf packs but before then, rural people will have to deal with them. It doesn’t just affect people with livestock but people with pets or who camp and hike.

    The was an interview with a local ranger who said the wolves were good because they force people to keep their dogs leashed. What a horrible person. Dog walkers have just as much right to public lands as the Yuppie cat people and what about letting pets out to pee in the middle of the night?

    While all of this is going on, environmentalists are working with government agencies to transfer control of public lands to environmentalists and change the land use rules that don’t just exclude livestock but also hunters and campers.

  • ken anthony

    Dianne nailed it. Without penalties, what prevents them from doing it over again and again?

  • Max

    I heard a radio interview with a friend of the Bundys that went to every hearing in all three of the criminal trials. There is so much more to the story than what is being told on the news.
    Family and friends and volunteers took a lot of photos and movies and documentation of what was happening. They even had pictures of the BLM agents destroying evidence that they had collected.
    The most interesting part of the interview, which I only heard before in pieces, is the explanation that a document had been filed with the county land office by Harry Reid selling the Bundy property with hundreds of other BLM acres to the Chinese to build a solar farm. The Property that was sold Harry Reid “did not own” because the Bundys were holding out and not budging, even at the point of a gun. And the best part? U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, “trying the case” name appeared on the document as lawyer. She was appointed a judge to handle this case personally.
    If this is all true, it was a get rich fast scheme that backfired because of some stubborn locals who remembered the sagebrush rebellion of years before.
    Harry Reid used federal agents to steal cattle land and water rights to sell to the Chinese for a large profit because of a Democrat controlled house and senate and presidency, Who would deny him his piece of the pie when everyone around him was getting filthy rich…

    My niece married a Bundy, I asked him if the family reunions on the Arizona strip was still as large as 40 years ago. (I worked for the BLM YCC installing Miles and miles of fences to control the cattle)
    He said 1600 people showed up to the last one.

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