All charges dropped against ARCA CEO

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After a grand jury refused to issue an indictment, all charges have been dropped against Dumitru Popescu, the CEO of the smallsat rocket company ARCA.

I am reminded of the Emily Latila character from the early days of Saturday night life.

Even though he has been entirely cleared, the prosecution served to seriously delay the company’s plans.

At the time the charges were filed last fall, ARCA had been about two weeks from launching a test rocket from Spaceport America, according to Popescu. The criminal case stalled progress. Now, the company plans to carry out the rocket test in Europe. After that, it’s likely the company will launch a test of a second rocket system from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

It is also possible the company will now exit either New Mexico or the U.S., since it appears the state government here is hostile to it.


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  • Phill O

    The very nature of and the premises believed by government agents seek to drive business off shore: Unless the Trump administration can curtail the deep state. To that, I am pessimistic. After all, business tries to make slaves of its workers. Anyone who believes the last statement should read any of the current management books: or look at Henry Ford’s early organization.

    Washing ton (Seattle) is a good example of punishing business for doing well.

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