All systems are now go for the first launch of Antares at 5 pm (Eastern).

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All systems are now go for the first launch of Antares at 5 pm (Eastern).

We have liftoff. All is nominal. The first stage has shut down and separated after operating perfectly. The fairings protecting the dummy payload have separated perfectly, which for Orbital is a big deal, as they have had problems with fairing shrouds on previous launches with other rockets.

The second stage engine has ignited, as planned. All is nominal, as the launch director keeps saying.

The second stage engine has shut down, as planned. Antares is in orbit. After a 90 second pause the dummy payload has separated, as planned.

A perfect launch. The United States now has two companies capable of putting cargo and payloads into orbit at reasonable prices. The competition continues to heat up.



  • Rita

    My brother and I attempted to see the rocket from our vantage points, me in northern Virginia and he in southern Virginia but we didn’t see the rocket in the sky (we’ve seen launches from our vantage points previously but it has been dark).

    I did watch the run up to the launch from the link you provided. THANKS !!!

  • D. K. Williams


  • And we have liftoff, liftoff of what could be a Golden Age in space.

    A look at the current roster of private space companies shows the US overrepresented. May it always be so.

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