Almost all COVID-19 deaths occur in long-term nursing homes

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Not only has the death rate for the Wuhan flu inflated falsely by government officials, they have obscured the fact that almost all the deaths have occurred not in the general population but within long term medical health facilities for the elderly.

Fact #1: 1.7% of the population in the US resides in long-term medical care facilities (LTMCFs) and total 5.7 million.

Fact #2: The residents of LTMCFs accounted for 38,800 or 53% of all COVID-19 deaths (based on recent data). The rest of the country, the 98.3%, have experienced approximately 34,600 deaths, or 47% of the nation’s total COVID-19 deaths.

That means the death rate, deaths expressed as a percent of those living in medical care institutions, is 0.682%, more than 50 times the death rate of the rest of the population at 0.012%. The death rate for the overall populations is 0.022%.

That should leave you speechless.

In other words, the death rate for the Wuhan flu is pretty much the same as the flu, and is really only a threat to the elderly sick. Protect that population, as Florida did, and you reduce the risk to everyone to practically nil.

Which means the demands upon us all — the lock downs, the social distancing, the requirement to wear masks — are all fake theater and are pointless in all ways but one: They give power to the thugs now running our government.


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  • Cotour

    Numbers? Facts? All a waist of time. Just a bunch of high IQ nerds arguing about “numbers” and “facts”, make them say / interpret them to say what ever it is that you want them to say.

    I think it has been well established at this point that its only this headline below that is what is really important for the country to understand. And that it is Trump that is the reason that this death number, accurate or not, is what it is. That is what the Democrat leadership and their media talking heads hope any way.

    And IMO this will fail, especially if the Democrats remain staunchly behind Joe Biden for president. At this point that is just an unspoken joke for the Democrat leadership. Do they really believe that a majority of Americans are as insanely against Trump as they are that the people will cancel their common sense and elect Biden as president?

    Total delusion.

  • David

    I learned this weekend that the elderly lady (In her early 80’s) that lives in the house behind mine was one of the very first confirmed cases in Oregon. She was admitted to the ICU in late February, and spent 17 days on a ventilator. Her house mate, in her 50’s, also got it and was quite sick for several days, but didn’t need to go to the hospital. Both recovered and are doing fine now. Confirmation that getting this while old and frail is bad, but it’s “old, frail, and already on death’s row” that is the killer.

  • Andrew_W

    That should leave you speechless.

    Indeed, counting the death rate of a virus during a pandemic as a fraction of a total population rather than as a fraction of those that have been infected is bizarre, that death rate can only increase as the disease spreads.

    . . .almost all the deaths have occurred not in the general population but within long term medical health facilities for the elderly.
    LTMCFs account for 53% of deaths, the rest of the population 47% of deaths, you and I obviously have different understandings of the meaning of “almost all”.

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