American embassy opens in Jerusalem in May

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In order to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israeli independence, the Trump administration today announced that the American embassy will officially open in Jerusalem in May 2018.

Officials told Fox News the embassy would initially be located in the neighborhood of Arnona on a compound that currently houses the consular operations of the U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem. Initially, the embassy will consist of the Ambassador and a small team. Nauert said that the Consulate General would “continue to operate as an independent mission with an unchanged mandate” from its Agron Road location.

An official also told Fox News that the hope is for the U.S. to develop only a “footprint” there in May, with a target of a fuller complement and facility by the end of 2019.

Much of this is therefore symbolic, but symbolism in diplomacy is often everything. More important, this action lends weight to the likelihood that Trump is firm in keeping this campaign promise, a campaign promise that every past Republican president since the 1990s failed to keep.

You might not like Trump, but an honest appraisal has to give him credit for one thing. He keeps his campaign promises. He said he’d cut taxes. He cut taxes. He said he’d shut down illegal immigration. Everything he has done indicates a sincere effort to do so. He said he’s cut regulation and neuter the EPA. He has done so, in a manner not seen by a president in my lifetime.

While I can certainly criticize Trump for a number of things, including his unwillingness to really cut spending and waste in the federal government, I would dishonest if I did not credit him for this.



  • Jim Jakoubek

    I just love this.

    How many times has it been said that we need a President that does what he promised to do? Somebody
    outside the usual gang that say what they need to and then once in office proceed with business as usual.

    Well, we have that and he is doing what he can fighting against the wind that blows through Washington and
    he is trashed over and over again for doing what he was put into office to do. What I am seeing is that the next
    step needs to be taken and that both the Senate and the House need some pruning of those who have been in
    power for years on end and hang on to that power with all this spending and pork.

    Congress controls the purse strings, not the President. Any spending cuts a President proposes are met with the
    time honored “dead on arrival” speech by Congress and who gets the blow back? The President.

    What we need to realize here is a simple truth. Spending will continue. And continue. And continue. There is all the
    talk about future generations will be paying for this and something needs to be done but NOTHING will be done
    until the day that we actually hit that wall and can no longer pay the bills.

    Think of it as having the ultimate credit card. You get to throw everything on the card and all you have to do is pay
    the minimum payment. Reached your credit limit?? No Problem! Just give YOURSELF more credit! As long as you can
    keep on paying the minimum payment, who cares?!?

    Who wants to end the party after all when one has this much control? There is no incentive to do so as long as
    the money keeps on flowing.

    What will stop it is that one day down the road, the minimum payment will no longer be able to be paid and once
    that happens and only then will the problem be addressed.

    So, Robert, if you want to criticize anything, I humbly suggest that you do so with Congress.

    Presidents have power but the money and spending lie with Congress.

  • Jim: You are right of course, Congress is at fault about spending. I have said so numerous times here at BtB.

    Still, the budget Trump proposed made little effort to rein it in, and for that I feel justified in criticizing him.

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