America’s ten most oppressive colleges

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Fascists: A new review of free speech on campuses across the United States has listed the country’s ten most oppressive colleges, with examples of why they earned this odious status.

The first link is the actual report, while the second provides a good quick summary. In either case, the behavior of college officials in attempting to squelch dissent is quite disgusting. Far more horrifying and worrisome for the future were the number of cases where the students themselves moved to stamp down on opposing views. They are the future, and that future does not look pleasant.

Some good news: In South Carolina students are suing their college for interrogating them for daring to hold an event in support of free speech that offended some students.


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  • Wayne

    I attended a State school in the late 70’s early 80’s, & it was getting bizzaro-world even then. (Non-stop Reagan-hating, during class, was the norm.) I had to learn to keep my mouth shut or face coordinated personal attacks by the 1960’s radical retreads who had somehow obtained Tenure.
    The only Departments that weren’t blatant America-Haters were the STEM’s.
    –Sent my daughter to a private school (PhD in Pharmacology) & never regretted doing so despite the hefty cost. (actively working on the grand-daughter right now!)
    (BTW– Ben Shapiro is a young Conservative Rock-Star!)

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