An excellent analysis of Obama’s Middle East speech

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An excellent analysis of Obama’s Middle East speech, and why the reaction to it has been so hostile.

The crisis, then, was caused by three factors: The ignorance of the Obama Administration over the issues involved; Obama’s chronic lack of friendliness toward Israel; and his refusal to recognize the threat from revolutionary Islamism.


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  • Kelly Starks

    I think Obama’s central problem is he’s such an ideologue, that he disregards any reality that conflicts with his dogma. He was sure the troubles with Iran were just that the US didn’t try to be friendly. So for years he’s been holding out his hand in friendship and getting spit on. Then looking confused, but having faith in his dogma, he trys the same thing again.

    He had a private talk with the Saudi King assuring him he understood that all the Mideast friction would go away if the Israel Palestinian land disputes were settled. The Saudi King ripped him down one side and up the other (he’s know for “directness”) for not knowing what the hell he was talking about. Yet he still goes and pushes Israel to give up more and more land and concessions and ignoring any of the primary issues in the arab parts of the world.

    Dogma takes precedence over reality.

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