An expedition financed by Jeff Bezos has recovered two Saturn 5 F-1 engines from the ocean bottom.

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An expedition financed by Jeff Bezos has recovered two Apollo-era Saturn 5 F-1 engines from the ocean bottom.



  • That would be the coolest living room display ever.

  • Steve mac

    Wow! at ~12 ‘diameter, and 18 feet tall you’ve a pretty impressive living room.

  • jwing

    I’m surprised NASA doesn’t claim them and ask Jeff to return them to Cape Canaveril. They do that for all other Apollo related artifacts.

  • I’m sure the founder of could find the room.

  • US admiralty law is rife with contradictions, but my understanding is that a) the derelict is not within the territorial waters of the US (so the 1987 Abandoned Shipwreck Act doesn’t apply), and b) the original owner (US government) has so effectively abandoned the derelict so as to quit claim on it. The last part depends on act and intent. It’s demonstrable that the government never intended to recover the engines, as they were part of a disposable rocket stage, and have lain at the bottom of the ocean for 40+ years. The US government has also never acted to recover any part of the Saturn vehicle except the crew capsule. This is why Mel Fisher, for example, couldn’t just snag a Shuttle SRB and claim salvage.

    I’m sure Mr. Bezos consulted with maritime counsel before undertaking the expedition, but it’s very cool that we may have the opportunity to see a flown F-1 engine.

  • jwing

    Thanks for the imformative reply. Your’re right on the mark since NASA is currently charged with muslim outreach anyway, and it really doesn’t have the time or money (sequestration) to badger Bezos about fishing out those nasty polluting, CO2 producing space garbage rusting on the bottom of the Atlantic. :)

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