An illegal police raid no different than a home invasion.

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An illegal police raid no different than a home invasion.

He was claiming to be a police officer, but the man she had seen looked to her more like an armed thug. Her boyfriend, Dorris, was calmer, and yelled back that he wanted to see some ID. But the man just demanded they open the door. The actual words, the couple say, were, “We’re the f—— police; open the f—— door.”

And then there’s this, from the policeman:

“She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”

Read the story and weep.



  • Wiggins said. “I have to go home at night.”

    If cops continue to act like that against armed citizens, they won’t be. As I’ve said before, government at all levels is radicalizing it’s own citizenry.

  • Garry

    I thought the reporter did a good job, asking the policeman good questions, and even better follow-up to the answers. If more journalists were like this with the police, and more importantly with politicians, we’d be in a much better situation. I was surprised the policeman answered the questions; he probably wasn’t expecting the follow-up.

  • wodun

    Cops need to understand that what is a common event for them isn’t common for 99% of the population and that every civilian they encounter isn’t a criminal. They also need to boost their professionalism and that means accepting the risks that come with the job and acting within reason.

  • Garry

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The cop reminds me of some of the Marines I served with – most Marines got it, but a few seemed to view every situation as if they were starring in a war movie. Of course, those are the ones everyone notices, which gives us all a bad name in some people’s eyes.

  • R. Cotour

    Human beings are overly susceptible to abusing power.

  • Scott

    Scenario II – The woman sees a stranger pointing a gun at her through the kitchen window. She runs to her room and pulls out a gun. There’s banging on the door and someone screaming to open up! The boy friend tries to calm the woman and gets nowhere. Then the door opens and bright lights dance around the room. The woman panics and empties the revolver in the direction of the bright lights killing two officers and wounding one. The remaining officers open fire in the direction of the shots killing both occupants. Police Summary Report: Accidental shooting.

  • JGL

    That happens, when things / bad moves start adding up and people make moves, it sometimes pays to be lucky when things let loose. I would say that the two people were very lucky even though the police, from what we can read in the story have clearly abused their power. It is very unhealthy for a person to point a weapon at a police officer, and that is as it should be, even if they have abused their power.

    Like if a man was to notice another man in his neighborhood and he fit the description by his dress and actions of suspects involved in burglaries in that same neighborhood. And that man stops his car and decides to observe and follow the other man while dialing and talking to 911. And as he talks to the police the other man decides that he does not like being followed and further decides for some reason to physically attack the other man who had not physically interacted with him.

    At that moment of these compounding decisions you can never really be sure how it might end. You may assume one outcome and unfortunately get something else. Everyone wants to go home at the end of the night. I recently heard a quote from a marshal arts instructor, he said every physical confrontation has the potential to be fatal. I thought that was wise and accurate, its best to be lucky enough to live long enough to come to understand those wise words.

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