An image of North Korea taken from ISS illustrates starkly the failure of a state-run top-down dictatorial society.

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An image of North Korea taken from ISS illustrates starkly the failure of a state-run top-down dictatorial society.

As is typical for today’s leftwing political correct journalism, this reality is attributed not to communism but to vague generalities. North Korea is a “rogue state” or “North Korea stands alone as an unusually isolated nation, where residents live under a familial dictatorship,” statements that embarrassingly avoid the truth. The rulers of North Korea, like Cuba, refused to reject communist when the Soviet bloc fell in 1991 and have thus left their countries and the people trapped within them poor and bankrupt.

Aren’t you glad that today’s Democratic Party here in the United States considers leftwing dogma the height of progress and a goal worthy of emulation?



  • joe

    Gives meaning to the term “lights out”. Double speak or new speak, the media controls the language and since the media is literally in bed with the progressives, they will try to soften what communism is with out talking about China or N Korea, or Cuba being communist states, like the word communist is blacklisted in their word processors.

  • Samsa

    The media is filled with communists, so of course they would act this way.

  • Publius 2

    It is worse than I could have possibly imagined. This week, Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) gave a speech on the Senate floor that was a glowing endorsement of Cuban medical care and society. It is staggering to listen to his ignorance. Thank heaven, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), who had been scheduled to speak on a different topic, heard the Harkin, and instead spoke eloquently about Cuban repression and American freedom. Harkin’s speech is available somewhere, if you wish to seek it out. But Rubio’s speech is well worth your time.

  • Pzatchok

    Well of course they like the Cuban health care system.

    It fits right with them.

    They consider themselves the chosen elite. Proven by the fact that they are our leaders. They became elected.

    And since the health care system of Cuba only really works for those privileged elite then obviously it must be great.

    The plebeians like us don’t get squat in that system. Which is fine with them.

    Think of the Cuban system as a full and mature Obama care system.

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