An interview with Scott Walker.

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An interview with Scott Walker.

Lots of interesting information about the Wisconsin governor, who so far looks to me to be the best candidate, from either party, for President in 2016. The key paragraphs, however, are those that describe the violent threats made against himself, his wife, and his children by his Democratic and union opponents.

The protestors would shout me down; they would shout down lawmakers at events. They would not allow people to speak. It eventually got to the point where I and even some of our Senate Republicans in particular got death threats. I got threats against me probably a stack high from the ground. As I point out in my book “Unintimidated,” we had one of the most egregious ones, one that I got right before I went into a press conference. It was directed actually at my wife, pointing out that a governor had never been assassinated before in Wisconsin, but that she should start paying attention and that they not only were going to target me, but maybe they’d start thinking about my kids. It talked about where my kids went to school at the time, it talked about where my wife works, where my father-in-law lives, and where my parents were at. There was another one that talked about threatening to gut my wife like a deer. My kids were targeted on Facebook. There were just all sorts of horrible things.

Ain’t it nice how Obama came out so strongly to condemn this ugliness in Wisconsin when it occurred? You say he didn’t? I am shocked, shocked!



  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah, being a Wisconsin native – I really noticed the lack of outrage of such intolerance from the left.

    Liberal friends were livid against him.

    They hated Walker so much there were folks coming up from as far away as Texas, cruising by folks in grocery store lots trying to argue with folks to fight Walker in the recal election.

    Not sure if he’ld have a chance to get nominated or win as, a pres candidate … but hes certainly better then the last two the “R”‘s ran.

  • Cotour

    The loud noise and offensive behavior from his opposition must indicate a direct correlation related to the degree of his effectiveness. Walker is at the top of my list as I had posted a short while ago. It being a toss up for me between Ted Cruz and Walker. Walker probably being the one because of his proven record in governing, Ted Cruz may be a bit of a lightening rod, but not quite as big a one as Rand Paul.

    Walker could be a sleeper candidate, relatively unheard of in the rest of the country, bit he can play the game and is directed by the actual Constitution. Im shocked!

  • Joe

    And they call the Tea party lunatic fringe!

  • PeterF

    I kind of like Dr. Benjamin Carson for president. Perhaps he and Gov. Walker could be running mates?

  • Cotour

    I think Carson is more effective as a spokesman / king maker, Walker has the real world experience and the chops for the job and of course has a solid Constitutional foundation and Conservatives will vote for him.

  • wade

    Indeed, This guy Is a very interesting candidate and a wise Alternative to the mundane.

  • wade

    Yet. he is a wormy Drama Queen just like the rest and is Filled with Dirt and trying to Play the Crowd for a Popular Vote. At this point I would vote for Al Capone . At least Big Al knew How to keep the thugs In Line

  • Kelly Starks

    I think that’s who we have as pres now – guy with no respect for the law, or others – just brute fore intimidation.

    Except Capone really liked the US. Obama would likely consider the term patriotic insulting.

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