An Obama supporter discovers she was betrayed by Obama and Obamacare.

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Finding out what’s in it: An Obama supporter discovers she was betrayed by Obama and Obamacare.

My plan was canceled last fall. According to the regulators behind ObamaCare, it was a subpar plan that should no longer be sold to consumers. Another 16,000 Tennesseans on the same plan were similarly dumped. Many, like me, liked their plans and wanted to keep them. This wasn’t my insurer’s fault at all. CoverTN actually fought for me to keep my health care. After I received my cancellation notice, the folks at CoverTN requested that the federal government give them a waiver, which would let them grandfather my plan into ObamaCare. Their request was rejected.

This left me with no health plan and only one choice: Buy a plan through the ObamaCare exchanges.

After weighing my options, I settled on a “platinum” plan. This was the best plan that I could choose. A “bronze,” “silver” or “gold” plan all would leave me paying exorbitant amounts of money on my frequent, and expensive, trips to doctors and specialists. But the platinum plan was the lesser of two expensive evils. My new plan costs me $373 a month, even after a small subsidy. By comparison, my old plan only cost me $57 a month. And I now pay 25 percent co-insurance on all doctor visits until I reach my out-of-pocket maximum of $1,500. This is much higher than under CoverTN.

All told, I’m likely going to pay more than $6,000 more each year for my medical care.

Just remember: Even as the insurance cancellation notices were going out last fall, the Democrats and Obama were refusing to negotiate any changes to Obamacare, even vowing to shut the government down rather than negotiate. They must really love this law and the things it is doing to innocent people like this woman.



  • mpthompson

    Cry me a river. The best thing to happen to these morons is to have to suffer the consequences of their votes. I sure will and I didn’t even vote for their dumb messiah.

    I would like to think these people now complaining about Obamacare learned a valuable lesson in life, but I have no doubt the vast majority will be happy to vote again for the next fast talking, progressive huckster to come down the line. Sometimes stupid just can’t be fixed.

  • D.K. Williams

    I’m sorry this lady got shafted by Dear Leader. It does appear she caught on to the snake oil salesman, albeit a bit too late.

  • John M. Egan

    ’tis right.

  • Edward

    I’m not that much into poetic justice, but it is nice to know that some of those who favored this fiasco are suffering even more than I am. It isn’t quite schadenfreude, as we are sharing this suffering, but I am having trouble feeling sorry for them. Maybe if those who voted for this mess were the only ones suffering then I could find some sympathy, but because of them, too many innocent people got caught in this trap.

    Sadder but hopefully wiser are they (isn’t that a song from “The Music Man”?). The rest of us, who long ago wisely saw this for what it is, are just sadder.

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