An Obamacare tax on medical devices has caused one company to cancel plans to build five new factories.

Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space cover

After being in print for twenty years, the Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space, covering everything that was learned on every single space mission in the 20th century, has finally gone out of print.

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Repeal it! An Obamacare tax on medical devices has caused one company to cancel plans to build five new factories.

Nor is this the only such medical device company to pull back due to the tax. Read the whole article.



  • JGL

    Now the people who might have had new jobs can join or remain on food stamps and continue to collect unemployment, like Nancy Pelosi

    and other prominent Democrats have stated:

    ” growing food stamp and unemployment rolls contribute to growing the economy”.

    So it looks like a win win situation here.

    If anyone with a degree in economics can comment on how that economic model works please feel free to explain it, Mr Krugman are you


    You won a Nobel prize in economics, right?

  • steve mac

    There is a reason it is called the “dismal ” science. I am fairly certain most of these folks also believe deep in their heart, perpetual motion is possible, we just haven’t tumbled to the right combination of levers.

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