An Obamacare typo costs family $1.2 million

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We’ve only just begun: Because of a typo in a family’s Obamacare healthplan, their insurance company is refusing to pay more than a million dollars in claims in connection with the premature birth of their daughter.

[T]he Review-Journal reports that the Anthem Blue Cross insurance they got through the Nevada Health Link — an ObamaCare exchange — is not paying claims. The payments are being denied, reportedly because the mother’s birth year is incorrectly listed on the insurance card. It should be 1979, but is listed as 1978. The newspaper reports the family is also struggling to get their baby daughter Kinsley added to the insurance. They are facing $1.2 million in medical bills.

They have been unable to get the bureaucracy to fix this simple little problem, which is typical of bureaucracies. Expect a lot more of this in the coming years as the government apparachiks who run Obamacare tighten their grip on our lives.



  • Pzatchok

    Idiots must have thought that by making insurance federally mandated that the insurance companies wouldn’t keep an option to deny some service if the opportunity provided itself?

    We all know that the insurance companies wrote most if not all of this legislation.

  • DK Williams

    A new low even for an insurance company.

  • Pzatchok

    But the left thinks they are now part of the US Government.

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