An update on the arrest of a father for wanting to pick up his kids and walk them home from school.

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An update on the arrest of a father for wanting to pick up his kids and walk them home from school.

Key quote from the boss of the thuggish police officer, Avery Aytes, who made the arrest:

Aytes’s boss, Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess is described as saying he “hasn’t seen the video and doesn’t need to, because it won’t tell the whole story. He says Aytes was just doing his job.”

One point I didn’t make yesterday about his story. Exactly what crime was the father committing that justified his arrest? If you watch the video, all he was doing was expressing his disagreement with the school’s policy. And he was doing it quite calmly. Since when is that a crime?



  • Pzatchok

    From what I can guess by evidence in the articles and video.

    Parking in a no parking zone. When he left his car to go and get his kid. Should have left the girl friend in the car.

    He more than likely signed an agreement with the school when he signed up his kid. By not following the schools rules he could be charged with trespassing. He was in the office after being told to wait in his car.

    Disobeying the orders of a police officer. It doesn’t matter what order, rule or suggestion the officer gave him. Its not his place to correct the officer and interpret the law. If he doesn’t like the order take them to court after. Just like everyone else. That way he stays out of jail and looks like the more reasonable one.

    It could just be another steroid driven hot headed parent. The school sees them everyday all day. Nothing new.

  • I think you are far too sympathetic to the police in this case. Far far too sympathetic.

  • Cotour

    There is a middle ground in this story, but I always have to side with the police officer go out of his or her way to be accommodating and not always ready to exercise the power that is vested in their position.

    I offer this as an additional comment on this subject.

  • ken anthony

    Probable cause? What’s that? We are no longer citizens. We’ve become subjects.

  • Don

    The LEO’s are the steroid driven ones most likely. Discernment means nothing to too many of them. Probably never even heard the word.

    Our overlords at work.

  • Robert Law

    No due process here. No crime committed here. Constitutional rights stepped on. Let’s call this what it is; a great example of how fascist our society has become.

    AVERY AYTES – the thug police officer should be FIRED AND LOSE HIS PENSION. His inability to “protect and serve” is obvious. We should ALL be vocal and let EVERYONE know about this incident. This is a great example of what this country has (unfortunately) become – a fascist state. The marriage of government and big business to control the “masses”.

    In my opinion, AVERY AYTES is a “thug” who is infinitely worse than the criminals he is supposed to apprehend. Be VERY AFRAID of people like him. USA has become a militarized police state. “We the people” need to speak up and communicate our objections to the rest of the world around us. Otherwise we are going to ultimately be subjected to the mastery of these sociopaths and psychopaths.

    Unfortunately there are some police that make the ethical officer look bad. This thug is just a good example viewing too many violent video games when he was young and probably an abusive family life leaving us, the public, subject to the sociopathic tendencies. He is no better than the persons he arrest. In fact he is much worse acting under the “color of authority”. He need and his kind need to be held to a higher standard. Government is meant to SERVE the people.

  • I’ve heard a popular Conservative talk show host (no, not that one) remonstrate on the militarization of our police forces. Why, indeed, do police need paramilitary equipment and training? Posse Comitatus exists for a reason. Our military performs a necessary function, but enforcing the law isn’t it. The military rightly sees opposition as the enemy, and when police are oriented toward a military mind-set, they tend to see citizens as an enemy to be cowed, rather than a public to be served.

  • Rocco Erne

    Pzatchok did you watch the video? I am wondering by your comments about this issue.

    The folks in the county should not re-elect Sheriff Butch Burgess in the next election. This Sheriff does not want the facts in this case which means he is a lame LEO. At the very least send the Deputy Sheriff packing. I believe 98% of LEOs across our great country do an out standing job, but lately cops like Deputy Sheriff (?) in the video are really causing great pains in the law enforcement community.

  • Jay

    Uhhhh, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, not any of the other things you mentioned.

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