Ann Coulter has cancelled her speech at UC-Berkeley

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The fascists win: Ann Coulter has cancelled her speech at UC-Berkeley, scheduled for April 27.

She cites as her reason for cancelling as the fact that the two groups that had sponsored her lecture had both cancelled that sponsorship out of fear of violence and the refusal of the university and the local government to provide protection. Their lawsuits against the university however will go on.

Regardless, this is now what urban California has become, a fascist state where expressing conservative views leaves you vulnerable to violence, with the local authorities working with the violent brown-shirted thugs to help them squelch freedom.



  • Orion314

    If WWII is any indicator, the only way to beat BST (BrownShirtedThugs) is by being a lot tougher, and way better organized.

  • Michael

    I am beginning to think that Eisenhower mistook a temporary German setback in 1945 as a total allied victory.

    Anyway, with a little luck they will still burn down the rest of the place.

  • LocalFluff

    Indeed, the nazis could win over the Stalin-Soviet sponsored communists, who even put sharp shooters on the roof tops during opposition demonstrations in Weimar Germany, because they were even tougher.

  • wodun

    That has to be one of the shortest articles Reuters ever produced. It is in the Humanitarian section and tagged War and Conflict. It doesn’t look like Reuters is too sympathetic to people who are being attacked by their activist compatriots.

  • wayne

    referencing Nazi sniper’s;

    “Enemy at the Gates”
    Do You Know How to Shoot? (2001)

    quasi fact-based account–Jude Law as Vassili, a marksman from the Urals, Vs. master German sniper, Major Koenig (Ed Harris) sent by the Nazi’s to Stalingrad 1942-43 to find and kill him. (also features Bob Hoskins as Nikita Krushchev and Ron Perlman as an aging Russian sniper.)

    >Special-FX’s are amazing.

  • wayne

    Gavin McInnes: The persecution of Ann Coulter

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