Another American expresses his anger

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The rage builds: “So I’d like to ask the Fed, is it that you just hate the working class here in America and thus like to torment them or are you truly that stuck up your own asses that you just cannot see the light?”

Read it all. I don’t agree with his perspective entirely, but I do agree that the elite of this country are increasingly ignoring the wishes of the general public, for their own gain and to the detriment of everyone else. If they don’t stop this behavior soon, they are going to find this rage coming back to bite them, and that bite is going to hurt everyone very badly.


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  • joe

    Since my late teens in the late seventies, I have always thought that the elites did what they did out of hatred towards America and Americans out of disdain and hatred toward us as opposed to outright greed, I do not know why I feel this way, but it is like you are on the road in a nice car and you live too nice a living for a wage earner and you have no justification for living what would be a luxurious life in any third world nation, it seems to me that the uber wealthy do not see much of a differential to the kind of life they live versus the kind of life the average worker lives compared to the amount of investment in time and responsibility that the wealthy have. Reading a book like Atlas Shrugged, the people that make things happen had families that thought a lot differently, politically the company owner was a conservative and his family members were very liberal because they never earned a cent and had to justify their lives based on touchy feely things that had no basis in reality, these are the people that came up with the Rockefeller foundation or the Ford foundation, their namesakes are rolling in their graves.

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