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Another anti-Trump FBI official steps down

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe today officially stepped down from his post two months before he had planned to retire.

There have been numerous stories about McCabe (who has definite partisan connections to the Democratic Party) as a leaker and as maybe the instigator of the underground effort at the FBI to sabotage the results of the 2016 election.

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  • Cotour

    Vote to release the “Memo” this afternoon?

    The Leftist medias counter to this Memo will be interesting, totally predictable but it will be interesting how they attempt to turn sedition and treason and the subversion of the Constitution into something that tastes good to the American public.

    And many in the public will eat it up and find it palatable. McCabe is just the beginning, wait until it reaches Obama and it becomes plain who and what he is.

  • ken anthony

    The problem is people know who Obama is and don’t care because they were never part of the melting pot. There is no instigator, just fellow anti-American travelers that have been invading this country since before I was born, but accelerated after 1965.

  • BSJ

    Is it supposed to be better if the FBI is only populated by pro-Trump partisans?

  • Cotour


    Who here or any place else for that matter has suggested that the FBI now only be only populated by Trump partisans? Where does that come from?

  • Kirk

    Reports I’ve read say that he has enough days saved up to be able to take terminal leave which will stretch until his full retirement eligibility, with some sources saying that this has been his plan since last fall.

  • Garry

    Wish I had time to verify the details, but as I understand it, there is a limit to the number of days of leave one can carry forward, and therefore a limit to the number of days one can take for terminal leave. I want to say it used to be 45 days in the case of the military, and even if that still applies, and also applies to a DOJ employee, I don’t know what day in March he will be eligible for retirement.

    I’d be willing to waive the limit to get him out of there immediately, but I still have a problem letting someone retire without being sure there is nothing criminal that should him ineligible for a pension.

    I wonder if by leaving now he complicates any prosecution that may affect his retirement eligibility. One can always be recalled from leave, but the procedures for doing so might complicate things enough to make recall/making him ineligible for a pension impossible from a practical standpoint.

    I’m sure his lawyers know the answers

  • Kirk

    Gary, I don’t know how things have changed in the ensuing decades, but back when I served you could carry 60 days of leave into the new calendar year, and could theoretically accrue up to 90 days of unused leave by the end of the following year. My discharge date was in mid to late November, so I saved enough days to be able to begin my terminal leave in late August, in order to start the fall term at university.

  • Cotour

    Guess what? (I find this to be more than a coincidence)

    Guess who general Cartwright’s grandson is?

    Peter Strzok’s. (Yes, that Peter Strzok)

    And apparently the Strzok family has expertise in nuclear energy, you know, like what they use uranium in.

  • Kirk

    Cotour, small world? Current Deputy Attorney General and then U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein prosecuted General Cartwright.

  • Cotour

    IMO every case that these FBI and DOJ leaders have been involved in now can come into question. What would these actors not do? Where is their line? Did they have a line?

    If you are willing to usurp the election of a United States president and pervert your sworn fiduciary duty and our American Constitution do you have a line? They apparently can talk themselves into anything, and that must be dealt with.

  • ken anthony

    BSJ, Comments like this…

    Is it supposed to be better if the FBI is only populated by pro-Trump partisans?

    …represent a profound, a seriously profound, ignorance of American traditions. We have a choice. We can respect elections, or we can be treasonous. Nobody is demanding the FBI be pro-Trump. But we have every right to expect them not to be seditious. New elections will come. Until then the offices and laws of this country should be respected.

    The garbage that CA has become is what some want for the rest of the country. It’s not going to happen. A good SOTU tonight.

    Have no doubt that attempting to delegitimize Trump’s election is treason. It has nothing to do with liking Trump or not. It is entirely about respect for the country. The Antifa crowd hates America. The never-Trumpers also hate America because they do understand what our founders gave us.

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