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Another blacklisted American sues school board for banning and censoring him

The parents, teachers, and elected officials in Maine
The parents, teachers, and elected officials in Maine, when
challenged about the inclusion of the queer agenda in schools

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Shawn McBreairty, a Maine parent who has been sued by one school district and banned from the property of another because he has publicly criticized their inclusion of the queer agenda in their schools, has filed a lawsuit against the second board for violating his first amendment rights.

Essentially, McBreairty at several different board meetings of Regional School Unit #22 tried during his open comment time to read the text of several pornography books that the school board had approved for children to read in schools, and was silenced by the board, specifically by the board’s chairman, Heath Miller, who claimed their policy forbid the use of obscenity by commenters. When McBreairty would not be silenced, the board then banned him from all school property — including any virtual online meetings — thus blocking his first amendment right to petition his elected officials. From the lawsuit [pdf]:

On May 4, 2022, [the school board], through counsel, sent a letter (“School Ban Letter”) to
McBreairty informing him that he was “temporarily prohibited from entering RSU 22 property for purposes of attending any RSU 22 school-related meeting or function in-person, or participating in any RSU 22 school-related meeting or function held electronically via video or audio … until December 31, 2022.” [emphasis mine]

First, the board’s actions reveal their incredible dishonesty. They apparently think it is perfectly okay to force pornography on young children. Miller himself admitted as much in a statement he made that McBreairty recorded and played back to the board at one meeting:

Miller justified pornographic excerpts of a library book in the Hampden High School library, saying, “If you were to read it in the context of the whole book, it would have a different meaning.”

Yet, Miller and the board think it obscene to play both this recording as well as read the same porno to the board’s adult members. I guess for them it is only okay to encourage pedophilia to kids, but only to kids. Adults however must be protected.

Second, if the board banned McBreairty only from physical meetings, it might be able to argue reasonably it was doing so because the risk of physical conflict. Banning him from virtual meetings however proves the board’s real goal, to silence him and protect itself from any valid criticism.

McBreairty’s protests have also earned him the dislike of another school board. In May he was sued by the Hermon school department because of similar public criticisms.

The district filed the lawsuit against Shawn McBreairty earlier this week. According to the complaint, McBreairty allegedly made false statements about a school employee in podcasts, on social media and in letters and emails, saying that the employee appeared to be “grooming children” and called her a “sexual predator” because of her work with LGBTQ students.

According to the suit, the attacks made the employee feel unsafe at school, led her classroom to be moved and caused emotional distress.

Though the attorney for Hermon claimed that McBreairty has the right to his opinions, it appears the district considers any opinion that criticizes it and its teachers to be “a false and hurtful thing” and thus must not be allowed.

My heart be still. A teacher apparently has been pushing the queer agenda to kids, and now doesn’t like it that someone has accused her of grooming children and being a sexual predator. I hate to tell you, but if you push sexual stuff on little kids without the knowledge or permission of the parents, that’s exactly what you are.

These government officials are trying to make McBreairty to appear as dangerous and irrational in their statements about him. Yet, watch him in the video below, speaking on this subject to the Hermon Town Council on December 9, 2021. He is rational, thoughtful, calm, and very well informed. He also bases his comments entirely on facts, not opinions.

I am surprised he has not also filed a countersuit against Hermon, though the cost of a second lawsuit is probably more than he can afford. When he wins his first case it will be much easier to then sue Hermon for damages.

Regardless, it remains astonishing to me that McBreairty appears to be alone in this fight. The parents in these Maine school districts do not appear to bothered by what he has found and uncovered, and are still letting their kids attend these schools.

Yet, great harm is being done to these children, and for parents, teachers, and elected officials to turn a blind eye to it is more than shameful, it is downright criminal. In a sense, they have all become accessories in illegally introducing pornography to underage children, and appear to be doing so with great enthusiasm.

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  • Steve

    You go, Shawn! Mr. Zimmerman: I for one would like to help him out financially (probably not the only one of your readers that will). Does he have a mechanism set up for donations?

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  • Steve: If you click on the lawsuit [pdf] link, the contact information for his lawyer can be found at the very end of the document. I would start there.

    I did a quick web search and found his GiveSendGo fundraising site:

    The campaign is to pay for his defense in the Hermon case, and quickly details the facts about the teacher who says he is harassing her, and includes the following information about her:

    Hermon Maine School District is suing me, Shawn McBreairty, a national education advocate for exposing the hyper-sexualization of minors within this Maine government run school.

    Mallory Cook, a 9th grade english teacher in Hermon participated in an anti-Trump video in the fall of 2020 from the Hermon school classroom for Bernie Sanders and the Maine People’s Alliance. She is a Board member of the Maine Teachers Union (MEA) and her tweets, @teachMaine are protected. She is the paid, faculty advisor for the Gay Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in the Hermon High School.

    Soccer, band, chorus, or sex talk after school?You decide kids.

    I think that should help.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    Why now? Why is Nacy Pelosi (D) Speaker of the House, why is she going to Taiwan at this precise time scheduled to arrive in Taiwan on the day of a primary across the country?

    Desperation? Strategy? Are the Democrats soooo desperate to adjust the perception of the American public in regard to the many Leftist, “Progressive” / Globalist un and anti-American actions that the Democrat party machine has been executing such as the flooding of the border with illegals? Like Hunter Biden and the computer from hell and what clearly and unambiguously appears to be his involvement in selling his father’s influence to the CCP leaders in return for millions of dollars for both men. Hunter is just a bag man for his politically empowered and influential father. $$$$

    Speaker Pelosi “Bravely” goes to Taiwan and faces off with and gives the big middle finger to Chinese Communist president Xi! Under the threat of her plane possibly being shot down! She is a heroine, a fearless leader of the first order!

    Looks like a setup to me. Why? What would it accomplish? The Democrats in the form of Madam Speaker appears to be very strong, patriotic and loyal to the country while looking the CCP leaders in the eye and daring them to do something.

    And it is plain that the “Progressive” Democrat party machine is in the active process of destroying America and its Constitution and what it structures in or to force the American people’s compliance with their “Progressive” agenda. And the Democrat party machine’s agenda delivers to and enriches the CCP.

    IMO it’s all for show and it is all related to the midterm elections and the devastation that is on coming that will decimate the Democrat party leadership nationwide.

    Might something blow up? Might sabers be rattled? Maybe. But it’s all for show IMO, the CCP understands that if the un and anti-American Democrat leadership which further enriches them is replaced with very pro-American more aligned and Conservative leaders their plans for world domination are down the toilet. Pure Sun Tzu and The Art Of War, read it, get smarter.

    Its all part of the TV show at this point IMO.

  • Cotour


    And this headline is all about one thing: Trying to reshape the perception that the Democrats are un and anti-American:

    U.S. kills al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in drone strike

    U.S. kills al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in drone strike – POLITICO

    Why do this on Monday, the day before the primaries? And then Madam Speaker arrives in Taiwan.

    There are no coincidences, and once you see it it cannot be unseen.

    Simple. The military under the control of the Democrat party machine had this guy Ayman al-Zawahri in a box and they waited to take him out all for the PR value as it relates to the primaries.

    Its ALL, pure, Strategy Over Morality and it’s all right in front of your eyeballs.

    Are you enjoying the TV show?

    From Strategy Over Morality: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

  • Shawn McBreairty

    Outstanding article. Thank you. Yes, the link is for crowdfunding the legal fees of both the Hermon and Hampden lawsuits.

    I appreciate it. Search for me on all social media @ShawnMcBreairty

    Thank you!

  • Trent The Defender

    Ask Shawn McBreairty about his pedophile friend, David Arthur Kendall. Or ask him about his lawyer Marc Randazza who is best known for working for the gay porn industry. LOL

  • Trent The Defender

    Ask Shawn McBreairty about his pedophile friend, David Arthur Kendall. Or ask him about his lawyer Marc Randazza who is best known for working for the gay porn industry. Projecting all their own weird groomer bs onto everyone else. LOL

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