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Another coup leader at the FBI forced to resign

More house-cleaning at the FBI: The FBI’s general counsel, Dana Boente, yesterday resigned as demanded by William Barr, the attorney general of the Justice Department, apparently due to his participation in the effort to frame former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Boente signed one of the warrants renewing the FBI’s authority to surveil Flynn. The warrants, known as FISA warrants, were renewed several times and had to be approved by a judge.

Boente also said in a recently leaked memo that material put into the public record about Flynn was not exculpatory for the former national security advisor. The memo undermines the Justice Department’s latest position that material about Flynn was mishandled by prosecutors.

The article is from NBC, so it exudes both ignorance and hostility about this resignation. The FISA warrants that Boente signed have been repeatedly proven to have been falsely obtained, dependent on unverified and outright false and fake information. His actions clearly showed he was part of the coup attempt in the FBI attempting to find by any means necessary a way to overthrown the legal election of Donald Trump. Framing Flynn was only one part of that effort.

We’ve only just begun. There are a lot of people still working at both the FBI, the Justice Department, and throughout the executive branch, who have been willing to violate the Constitution and some fundamental laws, all because they did not like how the American people voted in 2016. They all need to be shown the door, with many escorted next to a prison cell.

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  • D3F1ANT

    Doesn’t anyone else realize that “Another coup leader at the FBI forced to resign” is exactly the same thing as “Another coup leader at the FBI gets off scot-free”?

  • D3F1ANT: Read the last sentence in my post. I’ve written it repeatedly. If these people don’t get indicted and prosecuted, firing them will achieve nothing.

    Still, firing them is a first timid step. That it has taken Trump this long to do so however is not encouraging. He should not have had to wait. He could have read the documents whenever he wanted, and declassified them himself at any time. And he never needs to justify any firing. He is by law (the Constitution) the chief executive officer by whose mercy these people work.

    All in all, like you I will only really believe justice is coming when these thugs start getting indicted.

  • Cotour

    Those in power, no matter the party are loath to prosecute these Federal employees because they are essentially their own. Its like a mother or father calling the police on their own miscreant and dangerous son. Few have the internal fortitude to do so, even when they know what must be done. And to go to what all we Pedestrian Realm citizens can mostly all agree is a necessary degree of prosecution and reset the bar of acceptable behavior for these Federal actors, these “sons” of the Political Realm, becomes an institutional problem.

    What the political class of both sides really probably desires is for the power in the country to change hands and this all gets obscured and dissolves over time and no one, no son, is jailed for their plainly seditious acts. So it will depend on who in the form of the next president and whom ever his / her Attorney General is and what they are hell bent determined to do with it all.

    So, there may well be indictments this year, but there will be no prosecutions and trials, that will occur, if at all in the future. And in bringing the indictments it may be politically determined that enough has been revealed and enough professional shame and pain has been distributed to satisfy to some degree the publics need for justice of some kind.

    The Public Realm imaginations of what should be done to rectify this extreme offence to them, their Constitution, the rule of law and their sense of justice ranges from execution for the most offensive and overt acts of treason that they are privy to, to just a slap on the wrist for some. And I am right there with them on that.

    But the reality of what will be excreted out the other end of the Political Realm orifice of “Justice” may well be something all together unsatisfying to the Pedestrian Realm inhabitants, 50 percent of them anyway.

    So the best outcome for that 50 percent or so of the American Pedestrian Realm who demand real and painful consequences for the reasons that we all understand is necessary will only appear if Trump and his Attorney general, Bill Barr, stays on the job and forcibly manifests what we all know is necessary. And even then it will be more of an accommodation then real and true deserved black and white justice. Some in the Pedestrian realm might demand from a firing squad, to jail time, down to dismissals and firings.

    The top offenders from my perspective: Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, primarily, all abusers of their fiduciary powers, and then to lesser degrees those down the line in their chain of command, maybe 10, 20 people? Maybe more?

    Keeping in mind that, We The People, are in the end ultimately responsible for allowing these people in these positions of power within the government due to the people that we choose over time to politically empower and due to the system that we allow to exist. This ability for these players to abuse their power and to express itself in this manner is not unique, it is the product of many years of the lack of real accountable leadership. The acceptable levels of the abuse of power is what happens over time and along with that goes the stealing of the peoples Rights and freedoms, that is the nature of the beast.

    And that is primarily, fundamentally what the Founders of this country, America, understood all too well and what they endeavored to design to counter balance that nature of the beast is called the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. That was their intent.

    There are consequences to elections, and we are witness to those consequences right here and right now in America. And now let there be some rational and consequential consequences to those abuses of power that the Founders understood would occur so that we can move with purpose and determination positively into the future and preserve what must be preserved, and not be bogged down in unproductive chaos to where we loose the precious gift that they gave us all.

  • njlamer

    When will these Coup Members be publicly executed for their Crimes against America??? America needs this to HEAL.

  • Cotour

    See above post.

  • Indeed Americans note that these Resignations are getting off scott free! There are promises that some will be brought to justice but when? That marble has been bouncing around in the tin can for far too long! It seems it will break up before the Republic and Americans see justice.

  • As far as I’m concerned this is the culmination of the degenerate anti-American protests led by communist infiltration in the 60’s. The infiltration of our schools by people that hate the country that gave them their Lives and their liberty. If the people who perpetrated this treason walk free, you
    might as well kiss our Nation goodbye.
    If these traitors aren’t put in jail, then our justice system is corrupt to the core. And the people who let them go free are themselves a part of the corruption. From the top down they must pay the consequences. Think of all the men and women that fought and died for us. You may as well spit on their graves. Barr, Durham and their investigators must step up and show some courage.

  • wayne

    The Doors
    Peace Frog

  • Max

    They promised us, that heads would roll… From one department into another…
    While we have been waiting for justice, the deep state has been securing their place in the swamp.
    “Remember all those memes about the FBI spying on you through your computer? Well, the joke is about to become a very scary reality. The US Senate, led by Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, has just given law enforcement agencies the power to access your internet browsing history without a warrant.”

    Anyone who has the power to look into your computer remotely, has the ability to copy, alter the contents, delete, or place incriminating evidence that only they could find.

    “The dangerous new ruling comes at a time when, because of quarantining, folks are using the internet at “unprecedented” levels, and “digital surveillance… in the United States already show many similarities to what one finds in authoritarian states such as China,” according to The Atlantic.”

    FISA court is too visible, too 70ish and old fashion nearly obsolete. They’ve come up with better hidden ways to do the illegal spying. After all, if they can do this to the president of United States… They wouldn’t hesitate on all of you!

  • wayne

    These America-haters are embedded deep.

    Starting in the 2nd term under Obama, political appointees started to transition into civil-service positions within the Fed government, now we can’t get ever get rid of them and they all have fat pensions and gold-plated benefits.

  • Max

    Here’s an America hater that’s actually a big surprise… Or maybe not.
    Justice Roberts has an opinion not favorable to the first amendment. Cavanaugh strongly disagrees but is outvoted 5 to 4.
    “”Where those broad limits are not exceeded, they should not be subject to second-guessing by an ‘unelected federal judiciary,’ which lacks the background, competence, and expertise to assess public health and is not accountable to the people,” Roberts wrote””

    Problem is, public health experts do not agree on anything. Even ABC and others has admitted to the truth.

    I always thought judges would hear the evidence and make logical decisions upon established Law with sound science when it’s available. If the judge rules that there are exceptions to absolute right then or are there any rights at all?
    If rights and laws have political exemptions then what do we need judges for?

  • Cotour

    As a practical matter, its “rights”, not RIGHTS.

    Your Rights under the Constitution are absolute, but we all must live within the constrains of an actual real world society where there are certain limits on ones absolute RIGHTS. And the structure of the Constitution arranges how your absolute RIGHTS in fact function and are expressed.

    Example: Yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    Does your absolute RIGHT to free speech give you the right to do so? No.

    It may sound contradictory, but its what we live within as a practical matter.

  • Max

    I disagree.

    First of all “limits on ones absolute RIGHTS.”
    Is an oxymoron.
    Unalienable Rights are absolute because they cannot be molded or broken. The only limitation on the individuals Rights is the one he places on himself for the sake of civility and civilization. As the saying goes, my Rights end were your nose begins. What limitation would you put on the Right to Life?

    “Example: Yelling fire in a crowded theater.”

    That is absolutely not correct.
    In fact, you can be held criminally negligent if you do not warn people in the theater that is on fire. You have to yell, call 911, pull head phones off of peoples heads and let them know that their life is in danger.

    If there is no fire, that’s a different matter. Then your crying wolf. Any damage done in the stampede, that person is responsible for.
    How many times while watching a movie do you see somebody clear a building by pulling the fire alarm? Principles yell fire in their schools two/three times a year just for practice so everyone will know what to do and do it safely. When no one panics, it saves lives.

    I wonder who’s going to be held responsible for yelling “pandemic” over a common flu virus.
    Shutting down the economy for a virus such as AIDs, if it’s spread person to person, would be prudent.
    This was no pandemic and had world altering mischief with big lethal consequences is behind it.

  • Cotour


    You have mixed and matched, confused yourself and crapped all over the essential point here.

    You, me, we all live within a social construct, and that construct is formulated by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. We are not FREE to do as we please. In my explanation it is universally understood and I clearly lay out that when yelling fire in a crowded theater there is no fire, that is the point.

    And I clearly lay out that there is a paradoxical aspect to being “free” within the construct of the Constitution and being FREE, unconstrained by anything other than your whim and desires.

    Your going to have to cogitate on this a bit more before you properly understand what is what related to what Rights are, and what they are not.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Very few rights are absolute.
    Almost all rights have limits.

    An often quoted axiom (attributed to various people):
    “Your right to swing your fist ends where the other persons nose begins”.

    Just a reminder the Bill of Rights is not meant as a list of what you are free to do.
    It is a list of what the government may not prevent (e.g. “shall pass no law” or “shall not infringe”) or must allow (e.g. “the free practice thereof” or “to petition…for the redress of grievances” or “cross-examination of witnesses”).

    So what kind of limits?
    You have a right to the free practice of your faith of choice. You may not practice human sacrifice.
    You have a right to keep and bear arms, you cannot keep a tactical nuke.
    You may assemble and speak freely. You may not conspire to commit a crime.
    I may speak on what I think my politicians should and should not do. I cannot force someone to listen.

    Additionally, all rights come with responsibility. This is part of the paradox you mention, Cotour.

  • Cotour


  • Max


    If you told me that conservatives rights are limited and liberals rights extend beyond the law, having no responsibility that the rest of us live by, I would understand. This is an example of a “paradox”. Here’s some more.
    That rich liberals can do insider trading, not paying taxes, or even use taxpayer money for personal use with nothing more than a slap on the wrist when cought…
    Meanwhile sending the IRS after tea party groups, withholding 501(c) exemptions, arresting Flynn with intentions of bankrupting him and make him die in prison while knowing full well he was innocent, just because he wouldn’t make something up on Trump to make their Coup work.
    And now, the FBI and police can search your personal computer or phone without a FISA warrant, making the judicial process for FISA warrants unnecessary.
    A supreme court judge, we thought was conservative, will not allow people go to church using the same rules as other establishments and yet can’t do nothing about people without masks rioting in his own town.


    Sipping_bourbon used the same phrase as I, my Rights end where your nose begins…
    Every example he gave was a Right followed by an illegal act violating other peoples Rights or in this case “somebody else’s nose”. These are not extreme rights but acts violence. They are examples of the violation of the law, civility, or as you put it social construct.

    A person is entitled to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, (and property) these are there Right.
    When that person denies other people the same Rights, this is criminal because it is not civil or social. When a person acts like an animal, not recognizing other peoples rights, we treat them like animals and put them in cages denying them freedom, strongly “limiting” their rights. Preventing the breakdown of our social order, civilization.

    Don’t forget the topic of the conversation, what is happening to this FISA judge who committed criminal acts against this country is getting away with a slap on the wrist only made to resign with full retirement. And probably a multi million job waiting for him for a job well done in the Obama cartel/Banana republic.
    How do you vote? Limited Rights from inside a cage in prison, or unlimited Rights to take other people’s Life, liberty, property with no responsibility, consequences or penalties?

    I vote for equal Justice, the rule of law for rich and poor equally. If we don’t all live by the same rules, and the rules are meaningless and it’s anarchy!

    PS. Bourbon, I like this example of yours;

    “I may speak on what I think my politicians should and should not do. I cannot force someone to listen”

    I’ve often said it this way;
    We have the freedom of speech, but no right to be heard. For that, we must pay advertising costs.

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