Another day, another crack in Obamacare.

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Another day, another crack in Obamacare.



  • Keith

    I like this last line from the article :

    “It’s almost as if the politicians didn’t read the law before they passed it, and had no idea how its various provisions would cause car crashes as they tried to roll it out.”

  • Pzatchok

    Someone thought this would work?

    Are they insane?
    Whats the point of self insurance if it only covers a very limited amount of medical bills and the customer(patient) has no way to control it?

    Why would a liberal democrap even agree to something like this? Its just letting those rich corporations off and that’s what they were all fighting against.

    I wish each line of a bill kept it authors name attached to it.

  • jwing

    Obamacare: a law that was never fully read, is still being fully implemented, and will never be fully understood by design. This is not sound or reasoned governance; it is purposeful chaos, a wrecking ball to the constitutional relationship between state and each citizen.

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