Another Evergreen employee resigns to protest college policies

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Fascist and corrupt: Another Evergreen employee has resigned to protest policies at the leftist college, including some of which appear to violate state law.

Michael Radelich, who left the Washington state public college earlier this month, told The College Fix the Writing Center had been using financial aid money intended for students to hire non-student workers….According to documents given to The Fix by Radelich, the Writing Center spent 73 percent of its budget on items other than student salaries during the 2016-2017 academic year. Of that amount, 55 percent was spent on non-student temporary assistants and 18 percent on non-student elements of Inkwell, the annual magazine it produced.

…According to the exit survey that Radelich filled out and submitted when he left, “the college’s financial policy makers” told Yannone “every year” that she needed to spend at least 90 percent of her budget on student salaries. “She was always told you can’t be hiring temporary workers that are paid with student funds. There was no oversight from stopping her from doing that,” Radelich said in the interview near WWU.

In addition, the article describes how Radelich wanted out because of the college’s unbearable leftist politically correct culture.

Why anyone is sending their children to this college baffles me. The last thing anyone would accomplish there is to learn how to think.



  • wodun

    Stuff like this isn’t likely to get much push back in Washington. Even on the other side of the state we have schools that act like this. One even hired that Glick lady.

    While what is going on in colleges is a national issue, it isn’t even the craziest thing happening in Washington. This pretty much killed any type of building outside of a water agency service,

    Then there is the Supreme Court ruling that the state has to spend a certain amount on schools, billions more than currently, and the legislature’s inability to find solutions other than raising taxes. Also, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and other craziness.

    The Microsoft and other tech employees in Seattle are not likely to notice any differences but everyone who isn’t rich will.

    I love where I live but have a strong dislike for the people who govern.

  • Wodun: I feel the same way about Oregon, but live far enough from Kaliningrad on the Kolumbia to where the main concern is putting up with the economic refugees.

    “There was no oversight from stopping her from doing that, . . ”

    Like, you know, morality and propriety. Al Gore exposed the lack of same on the Left with his ‘no controlling legal authority’.

  • Edward

    From the article: “Evergreen is run on the PC Bible, and it is a Bible that keeps being rewritten all the time,

    This “PC Bible” has existed for a good four decades. When I was in college, one of my fellow students thought that there should be a “PC Magazine”* to help keep everyone up to date about what was the latest in politically correct thought. As it was, and still is, you have to learn the new ways the hard way: by saying or doing the previously politically correct thing, getting chastised and even threatened with being shunned, then making the mental correction and conforming to the PC thoughts and actions of the day.

    Modern examples include: it is no longer acceptable for Harvey Weinstein’s contract to allow him — as long as he pays a fine to his company — to sexually harass the powerless talent. Also, it is no longer acceptable for Al Franken to have the USO cameraman take photographs of him fondling his sleeping costar, but at the time it was acceptable. On the other hand. It seems to still be acceptable to grope (Franken), rape (Bill Clinton), or kill (Ted Kennedy) a girl, as long as you sound sufficiently contrite afterwards. Only then can you keep your job.

    Please note: either Anthony Weiner was not contrite enough or sexting under-aged girls is no longer acceptable. Who knows who Weinstein pissed off or didn’t screw that finally got him into so much trouble.

    Also note: for anyone leaving the Democratic Party for the Republican Party — or any other party — then the actions taken while a Democrat become unacceptable (Donald Trump and Ray Moore), ex post facto, because only Democrats may be allowed to sexually harass and sexually assault. Because they care so much about women. Or say they do, anyway. Well, obviously they don’t much care about the women that they victimize, but those women are deemed expendable by the Democrat establishment (including the news media — which is redundant, now that I think about it) and even the Democrat voters — for decades, when it came to Kennedy.

    A last note: it is not a good idea to have physical evidence of wrongdoing, such as photographs, but as long as you sound especially contrite, you can keep your job anyway. The appearance of contrition seems to still be politically correct.

    On the bright side, there is an associate professor, at the Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, who believes in an actual education as well as critical thinking — even for and from his students:
    If you ever begin a statement with the words ‘I feel,’ before continuing you must cluck like a chicken or make some other suitable animal sound.

    Since he is a law professor, critical thinking is necessary. He has to undo the prior piss-poor education given to his current law students. This is a job so difficult that he has to embarrass those who remain brainwashed in order to get them to learn critical thinking skills rather than touchy-feely skills (not the Franken/Clinton/Weinstein type of touchy-feely skills).

    I wonder whether he will still be at Faulkner next year.

    * At that time, there already was a PC Magazine, but it was for personal computer users, not the political correctness police or for social justice warriors.

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