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Another liberal reporter describes getting obscene and threatening emails from the White House.

Another liberal reporter describes getting obscene and threatening emails from the White House.

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  • JGL


    Keep an eye on this Bob Woodward “they threatened me” situation, he is not backing down, maybe

    he will add a second presidential notch in his pen.

  • Jim

    All interested in this story about Woodward would do well to read the actual email in question, and determine for yourself if he was threatened. Given his response below, it certainly did not seem he felt threatened at the time, given that both are friends, and that Sperling could not have been more apologetic. Seems the “threat” was really just a warning that, in Sperling’s opinion, Woodward was going to be proved erroneous.

    Its rare I agree with Limbaugh on just about anything, but on this I do…it was not a real threat.

  • JGL

    I just read the email (I did not know it was made public) and it does not appear to be a direct threat,

    what is important here is that Woodward has interpreted it as a kind of veiled threat and apparently

    is sticking with that interpretation. For now.

  • BSJ

    Could any of the other “threatening” emails be revealed with a FOIA request?

  • JGL

    I think what is even more important here is that Woodward has drawn a line and has apparently

    chosen a professional side, I think Obama rubs him the wrong way because of his ideology and his

    actions. Woodward is an apex, old school professional, we will see how the next gen

    “journalists” interpret and act on Woodwards interpretation.

  • JGL

    We are now finding out that Lanny Davis is reporting that he was also threatened.

  • wodun

    Obama has a pattern of threatening the media going back to at least ’08. It is sad that it took this long and a person like Woodward for it to finally break into the media’s consciousness but not yet their conscience.

  • Pzatchok

    Our Dear Leader and his good people would NEVER do something like this. It must have just been a simple misunderstanding.

    I’m sure that as soon as all the reporters who are ‘misunderstood’ on this are brought in and talked to for a little while even they will agree it was all just a simple misunderstanding.

    Nothing to see here folks. Just move along.

  • JGL

    They will have one problem, Woodward is not having any of that, he has staked out

    what he will and will not take.

    And he has the gravitas to make it stick.

  • Jim

    Now everyone is walking back the ‘Bob Woodward was threatened’ take, including Tucker Carlson, Erik Erickson, Matt Lewis, and so forth. Seems Woodward, as clearly evidenced by his return email to Sperling, felt no threat until he changed his tune this past week. Just another phony in the media, counting on all the wagons to get circled.

  • Jim

    As Matt Lewis said on the Daily Caller, “we got played.” Indeed, Matt, you got played.

  • Pzatchok

    The daily caller got the story from Politico. And clearly stated ‘if’ it was real.

    We might be being played right now.

    Or someone got to Woodward.

    I do not see how a 24 hour or so story is going to raise next weeks sales of his book. The story that its all a way at self promotion seems a bit weak.

  • wodun

    It wasn’t just the email exchange but the phone conversation that preceded it.

  • D. K. Williams

    I was surprised at first to learn that Lanny Davis got threatened. But in a larger context, it makes sense. First, Obama is remarkably sensitive to criticism, and this hypersensitivity permeates his entire administration. Second, Rahm, Hillary, Panetta, and other Clintonites are gone. The rational, if not always competent, members of the administration have moved on. What’s left is the exposed core of the radical, irrational left, largely protected by an adoring press. Much of what David Mamet described about liberal intolerence in his book “The Secret Knowledge” is now on display from this White House for all to see.

  • Jim

    Woodward is getting more publicity from this than he deserves, so I hate to even continue it, but I did find his comments this morning on TV even more weasily. Now he says that he never claimed he was threatened. When confronted with the fact that it was printed that way in his newspaper, the Washington Post, he said, “Well, I never said that.” Now semantics is the issue, even though when given the opportunity to correct the lead he did not do so.

    The headline journalism that exists in this country is shameful, and it is done on both sides. Whenever you actually read the interviews, studies, articles, or now even the emails in question, you get a totally different picture than the headline. And its the headlines that get passed around. We all get played, not just Matt Lewis.

  • It seems to me that Woodward did tell the truth previously, that he was threatened, and it did disturb him enough to mention it publicly. It is just that he is a Democrat, and has always favored them as a reporter. (He has written many very good political exposes, but none that I can remember have been about exposing Democratic foibles.)

    He is now backing off because he is being pressured to do so, not only by the White House but by the rest of the strongly liberal Washington press corp, all of whom will do anything to protect this president from any criticism or honest reporting.

    Thus, the words “lackeys,” “propaganda tools,” and “cowards” now come to mind in I think of Woodward and the rest of the American mainstream press.

  • Jim

    I think, Bob, that Woodward is holding his own but simply saying that the word “threatened” is not his. So he is passing off blame for that improper characterization to someone else, namely his newspaper. Not much courage, on his part, in my opinion.

  • JGL

    I think this stance that he has taken, no matter what pressures are being exerted, is a water shed

    event. Add on to that the fact that Lanny Davis substantiates his accusation gives it more

    believability, keeping in mind that these are last gen journalists and may not be so dedicated to

    the cause as the next gen, fully indoctrinated journalists.

    Woodward understands intimately what is really going on in the White House and is not on


    We will see where this goes combined with the reality pressures that will soon be visiting

    the president, he can no longer just vote “present”. Luck will only get you so far.

  • Pzatchok

    The Email we have now all see from the Wh is more a public apology letter.
    But even it shows that it might contain a reminder of their previous shouted phone conversation.
    The conversation in which Woodward did truly feel threatened.

  • JGL

    Fear and intimidation are the dark tools of tyranny, socialism, Marxism and communism. We are seeing the actions of the American version of one or a combination of all three of these offences to our Constitution and free people.

  • jwing

    Being a Chicago thug, Oblamer knows the location of many cement shod bodies. He can only intimidate for so long, and with time, one of the bodies will eventually surface. I think he knows it’s just a matter of time.

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