Another Obamacare co-op folds

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Finding out what’s in it: New Jersey’s Obamacare co-op has been taken over by the state and will fold in 2017.

As noted at the link, “that leaves just six of the original 23 Obamacare co-ops in operation next year.”

In other words, Obamacare is steadily going bankrupt, and in the process it is bankrupting the health insurance business. Before the law, it was possible for individuals to buy at a somewhat reasonable price a catastrophic insurance plan that would cover you in case of disaster but required you to pay for most of your routine health care costs. Obamacare outlawed those plans (obviously, someone was lying when he said you could keep your plan if you liked it). The result however is that everyone is forced to buy at very unreasonable prices the equivalent of those same plans, since both premiums and deductibles have risen so much that everyone now has to pay for routine health care costs.

Obviously, this means we should all vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, because they more than anyone else know how to solve the problem they created. Obviously, voting for the Republicans, who predicted this disaster in great detail and with remarkable accuracy, would be a mistake, a clear demonstration of racism or something. And we wouldn’t want to be called racist by Democrats, would we?


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  • Edward

    I was not being sarcastic with my comment on another post:

    I am one of those scofflaws who is currently gaming the system by not buying health insurance until I get old enough to start getting sick. Why the hell should I pay a couple of hundred thousand dollars, over the years, for insurance that I do not yet need, that does not cover my needs (routine doctor visits) and barely covers catastrophic care? (If I were still in my twenties, I probably could save a good half million by not paying Obamacare premiums before needing care that would make the premium payments worth paying.)

    Frankly, Obamacare has raised healthcare to such high levels that I have to choose between buying health insurance that I don’t yet need and buying food that I do need. Before Obamacare, I would buy the inexpensive catastrophic care, even while unemployed, because I could afford that and food and mortgage payments (I have since paid off my mortgage). Right now, Obamacare costs almost as much as my previous insurance and my (previous) mortgage combined! And the deductible is twice what it was for my previous, affordable catastrophic-insurance policy.

    Obama promised that we would save $2,500 on his Obamacare, but I am saving far more than that — by not buying Obamacare insurance.

    Frankly, if Obamacare’s preexisting-conditions provision is such a good idea for healthcare insurance, then why is it a bad idea for other kinds of insurance? If the Obamacare mandate is such a good idea, then why are we not also mandated to buy policies of every kind of insurance?

    These aren’t really rhetorical questions. I would appreciate it if someone, such as an Obamacare supporter, would answer them.

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