Another professor arrested for lying about his Chinese ties

It’s an epidemic! Another professor, this time from the University of Arkansas, was arrested yesterday for lying about his ties to China while obtaining NASA grant money.

Simon Saw-Teong Ang, 63, of Fayetteville, received more than $5 million in federal funding for research projects but violated university policy in failing to reveal his ties to Beijing. The alleged deception resulted in wire transfers being sent from NASA to the school based on his alleged fraudulent misrepresentations.

He was arrested Friday and made a court appearance Monday.

He didn’t just violate university policy. It is illegal to hide such ties when doing work for the U.S. government. In fact, you can’t have them and get federal funds.

As I say, it’s an epidemic. This is the third American professor arrested since February (see here and here) for lying about their contacts with China while obtaining federal funds.

I also strongly suspect that this epidemic is not yet over.


  • Col Beausabre

    The usual suspects will soon be braying how this is
    1 A racist smear
    2) An assault on academic freedom
    3) More proof of the US’s unfounded fantasy that China is a threat

  • Alex Andrite

    ohh no, not more Sheltering In Palace ??

  • Phill O

    Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is giving Chinese students in Canada affected by the Covid-19 lock-downs $8,000.00 while seniors may get $300.00 or even $500.00 if they qualify. Being in western Canada, I expect I will not qualify .

    The depth of Chinese influence is greater than the corruption of the democrats! IMHO

  • R7 Rocket

    More ruling academo-bureaucrats getting arrested after General Flynn’s exoneration?

    What a coincidence…

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