Another state tells Obama that they have to follow the law.

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Another state tells Obama that they have to follow the law, even if it is a horrible one like Obamacare.



  • Well no.. the issue is that the state hasn’t passed nullifying laws. If they wanted to, they could. Nevada has done it before.

    This is an awesome power that the states have to defy the federal government.. the feds can strike back by taking away federal support, but that’s just a good reason to maintain independence.

  • Of course they can nullify, but they can’t just do what Obama commands. His announcement that some parts of the law will not be enforced is not something one can rely on. No business or legal organization with any brains would never ignore the law on that promise.

  • mpthompson

    The mayor of your town announces that the law enforcing a 25 mph speed limit in front of schools when children are present will not be enforced. The question is, what speed do you now drive in front of a school?

    You better drive 25. The local cop and judge may not be hip to the mayor’s promise. The mayor can say anything he wants, but it’s the local cops and judges who are enforcing the law. The same goes for Obama.

  • I see that Carson County voted Democrat in 2010. Let them live with it.

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