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Antarctic sea ice extent largest on record

The uncertainty of science: Even as global warming protesters gather in New York to push their political agenda and fear-monger the threat of global warming, the Antarctic ice cap has set a record for its greatest extent ever measured.

No one really has a convincing explanation for why the south pole ice cap is so large even as the north pole ice cap remains relatively small (though recovering from the record lows from earlier in this century).

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  • Cotour

    Was listening to your segment on the Bachelor show last night and followed up by looking into Judith Curry’s “climate change” apostasy

    The term “climate change” now really annoys me and when I hear it parroted, the next refinement to the agenda terminology, I ask myself, how stupid are people? I know the answer to the question but I keep asking the question.

    Q: If the people that live in places where this “un natural” weather and conditions are occurring, how is “normal” established? And if normal was what happened to be going on at this particular point in time, how ever that would be established, would they then be demanding geo engineering to counter those “normal” conditions in order to make their particular location on the globe more livable according to their desired and ideal expectations and requirements?

  • mivenho

    Perhaps someone can clarify for me whether the antarctic ice mass is actually increasing or whether there are merely more icebergs moving about.

  • JWing

    Let’s see….EPA, DDT, CFC’s, ozone hole, acid rain, global cooling, alar, CO2, carbon footprints, non-renewables, sustainability, global warming, melting icecaps, climate change, rising sea levels, AlGore…and on it goes.

    I’m bored of being scared to death by the nest greatest “man-made” crisis and I am beginning to think so is everyone else, save the tailors with their golden invisible thread and loom.

  • My impression is that the ice mass is larger, but not significantly so. This could be wrong, and will require checking.

    The important take-away from this fact is how it contradicts the doomsday predictions that said the Antarctic ice cap was on the verge of collapsing and disappearing. There really is little evidence that this prediction is correct, and these record numbers only add to my and others’ skepticism.

  • Max

    We all remember the ships that were frozen in the ice when a heavy cold wind came off the continent during the Antarctic summer last year that had to be rescued by icebreakers.
    Or the new record cold that occurred during the Antarctic summer?
    It would stand to reason that the cold persisted through the winter and now that the sun is back, it can be verified with satellite imaging.
    “After” the polar stratospheric clouds dissipate as the solar gases that have frozen there during the long cold winter reacts with the Ozone/Oxygen creating inches of new water for the continental shelf.
    Antarctica is the driest continent on the planet. The polar vortex that surrounds the continent keeps moisture from rising up on the land. With 2 to 3 miles of ice on top of the continent, its the highest land on Earth with an average height over 10,000 feet.
    When the South Pole Base got it’s billion dollar upgrade of buildings on stilts so they can Lift the buildings above the ice, They showed the 100 foot high radio tower for the original station that was erected in the 1950s. The radio tower was only 50 feet high after 50 years. The original buildings were deep under the ice one atop another. That’s an average of 12 inches of ice added every year. Since there is no recorded precipitation over the South Pole, it is assumed that the new ice comes from Sublimation of the atmosphere. (Like pulling water from meat in the freezer that causes freezer burn)
    The thing is, most of this new ice shows up during the ozone hole occurrence every September through October. Once the polar stratospheric clouds at 60 to 80,000 feet disappear, the ozone levels return to normal until next year.
    The north pole on the other hand is another issue. The same gases of methane and ammonia from the sun do Oxidize during the northern lights and convert into water, just as the South Pole, Only the temperatures at the north are considerably warmer. There is also a warm current of water passing under the north pole.
    The average thickness of the ice in the Arctic is 3 to 9 feet thick. (It is said, I don’t know if it’s true, that there’s more fresh water in the Great Lakes then there is frozen on the Arctic)
    Greenland on the other hand has a large ice sheet on it that is permanent and growing. The Arctic Ocean melts back every summer with 24 hour sunlight for five months. The ice is thin and is at sea level with higher barometric pressure causing more friction and heat with above freezing temperatures on average. (I lived in the lower Yukon Delta for a summer and the temperatures stayed 70° most of the time, Even though the village was above the Arctic Circle, the sun never set and the kids would play all “night” long)
    So why is the South Pole so much colder than the north? Both have thin atmospheres as compared to the equator. (7 to 10 miles thicker) Making the equator warmer because it’s higher barometric pressure and the warmth (day and night) from the friction and the heat generated. NOAA Says that there is a temperature drop of 5.4° per thousand feet. So with Antarctica being over 10,000 feet on average, that would put it at 54° cooler than the north pole.
    I know that all of this sounds really strange to most of you. Apply Occam’s razor to the data and you’ll discover the truth.
    The earth and the moon are in the same orbit, “green zone”. Using the Moon as the control subject, it experiences over 500° variance in temperature From day (250°) to night (300° below zero) because it has no atmosphere. The average temperature is near 50° below zero. The Earth’s average temperature is just above 50° Even though we receive less than half the energy that the Moon does. And almost none of the cold that the Moon experiences at night when there is no Sun to generate heat.
    So where does most of our Global warming heat come from? The same place that seven out of eight planets in our solar system get their heat from.
    Mercury, without an atmosphere, is the only planet In our solar system that receives all of its heat from the sun. It’s average temperature is 200°, putting it just ahead of Earth and Mars which is last. All of the rest of the planets are hotter Than Mercury even though they received very little heat from the sun. Jupiter, under its atmosphere, is 50,000°. That’s five times hotter than the photosphere of the Sun. It emits 2 1/2 times more heat than it receives from the sun!
    My goal here is to use facts to shake your faith in the religion you were taught in school. The truth will set you free, and they will have no power over you. You are not Atlas, so I don’t let them place the fate and the weight of the world on your shoulders!

  • Cotour

    Great piece, and I agree with your conclusion.

  • JWing

    Yes, where does that heat come from….CO2 reflectivity????

    Also, there is the matter of that churning dynamo of melted iron, heavy metals and magma that is currently creating a new islan off Iceland and spectacular shows at all to the active volcanoes under the oceans and on land. How does that intense heat increase due to our use of fossil fuels and CFCs?

    But ingnore this and Occam’s razor as our campfires, oil and coal furnaces must be to blame.

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