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Anti-maskers invade Target, demanding everyone “Take off that mask!”

We need more of this: Anti-maskers this week marched through a Florida Target shouting “This is the United States of America, take off that mask!”

They didn’t harass anyone, they simply went down the aisles cheerfully calling for people to get rid of the mask. Watch the video below the fold.

The sad part is how few people in the store remove their masks. Many clearly agreed with the protesters, but still kept the mask on.

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  • Cotour

    Just this morning on my walk a woman that I know and who has chastised me before for not wearing a mask while I am out in the fresh air, as it is, in a breeze taking my walk, well away from her, gave me one of those looks and barely acknowledged me.

    “Good morning :)”, I said.

    “Uh”, she grunted.

    And mean time she is wearing one of these dental hygienist masks that are not for one second meant to control Covid and if it does it is in the meagerest ways and may control droplets (?). If she were infected she would be spewing Covid out the sides of her ill fitting mask like cho cho Charley. The mask is loose and ill fitting, and that is characteristic of the vast majority of people who wear masks.

    But they feel as if they are taking positive actions, they feel good. They FEEL safer. Perception truly is reality.

    BUT, I would never tell her that she should not wear her mask. If she does not like my personal choice she can stay away from me, and visa versa. As long as we have personal choice that is.

  • Max

    They often get criticized and smirked at for wearing a mask which is so thin you can see my face through it. (Face masks was made mandatory part of my personal protection equipment, PPE, everyone I work with must wear them when we are in our meetings or vehicles together) l’m told my mask is so thin it’s not doing any good. To which I point around me at everyone socializing, touching, pulling their mask down so they breathe, talk, eat, drink their Coke/coffee or smoke. (All meetings are held outside)
    Is any of this doing any good? The only thing that matters is that the cameras up on those poles record that I have something over my face so a busybody doesn’t use it as evidence against me to take my job from me.

    I had to line up for my mandatory COVID-19 testing, my second time. Must be performed monthly now. It’s funny how “once only” temporary measures have become permanent now. What if I refuse? You’ll be told to stay home until you comply!
    I asked the nurse the company contracted with about false positives. She said it happens a lot, you just stay home until your next test comes back. They haven’t found anybody sick in a long time. They used to suit up with mask gloves and face shield but now they just wear the paper mask while they have their patient pull theirs off and breathe in their face.
    She performed the nasal swab on me and I asked if they are going to start doing blood test looking for antibodies? She said this was an antibody test, we will also be able to check your DNA for health problems and precursors. WHAT? The state also finished doing DNA tests on all the rape kits they have accumulated over the years. Soon, we will be able to find all the criminals or related family members in the country’s HEALTH database… WHAT?
    This startled me because I did not consent to having my DNA placed in a database, I knew they were doing this in Britain but apparently private companies are doing it for the government in the United States to do a run around the Constitution.
    I told her this was not legal under the constitution, she said I signed a consent form. I said it was under duress because I need my job. She said it didn’t matter because the health department (unelected bureaucrats) under the state of emergency has full power and authority, even over the legislature and the Constitution, “in order to save lives”. I said isn’t that the excuse of “tyrants” in order to save people, the children, having good intentions… I was told that I was finished, I could leave. I said, this pandemic was over a long time ago, this is revolution or insurrection. She said, I need my job too.

    To make matters worse, flipping through the radio stations on the way home, a trucker station announced all interstate drivers will be doing mandatory testing also. You can expect shortages this fall and winter possibly more lockdowns. Buy your food now! and anything else that you may require.

    Europe is about to have major problems.

    Here’s a group of anti-mask protesters outside the Utah governors residence with their signs for weeks now rioting “peacefully”…
    Scroll down for the pictures.

  • “You’ll be told to stay home until you comply!”

    “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

    Up for it?

  • Chris

    Max, we all need more info on this.
    What country or state are you in?

  • Max

    I was born a farmer, milking cows, bailing hay, moving sprinkler lines. Harvest in the fall meant bottling/canning vegetables and fruit for winter. Being a prepper is in my blood. Being a warrior is not, but I prepared for that also before Y2K.
    Living in Utah with the legacy of nearly going to war with United States is still part of the culture here. A strong sense of independence and self-reliance. (Just as the Civil War is part of the culture back east)
    That’s probably why resistance is common throughout the mountain west. We know our rights. Patriotism, like in Texas, runs high. Even the county’s sheriffs will refuse to uphold the mask enforcement. (The sheriffs department in Salt Lake County, were most of the population is, has been gutted and replaced with “united” which takes its orders from a county committee, not beholden to elected office of the people)

    Our economy has been rated the best in the country 14 years in a row. No high paying jobs, but dependable consistent work. (Houses are impossible to buy because of the demand)
    One in10 license plates is from out of state, most often from California. Not long ago, the population reached 2 million rewarding us with another congressman. It’s estimated now at 3 1/2 million to be confirmed once the census is complete.
    Politically we are governed by rhinos, most of them former Democrats. Conservative sounding, high taxes, progressive legislation when they can get away with it. George Soros is as active here as with all other states.

    I’ve posted warnings before this pandemic of the plan of agenda 21 (which is now agenda 30?) Having the health department, authorized legally under Obamacare, to create a database on everyone. I was surprised to hear it from a lab tech, although unconfirmed, that the agenda has gone forward using contact tracing and emergency declarations across the country.

    The information is available to anyone who does a search. (most of my old links are no longer good)

    Related to the post above, lines are forming at the grocery stores as the news turns bad. (Especially Glenn Beck having shows warning of the coming insurrection/Civil War triggered by the election)
    Costco has gone back to rationing toilet paper and certain food items. The lines stretched outside the building, like a bad memory of this spring.
    Canning supplies to preserve your own food, especially your meat in the freezer, if your power was to fail this fall, are almost nonexistent due to covid 19 production problems. Amazon and Google are no longer allowing the sale of garden seeds because of the unsolicited mailing of seeds from China that we all heard about.

    Every convenience that you took for granted is being altered or made difficult. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

    The opposition is desperate, the resistance is massive against the change. The Marxist, progressive, deep state are throwing all their cards on the table. The big media is all owned by alphabet and upper one percent billionaires and corporations. What time national corporations give me their allegiance with the countries that will back them up with force. They will hang together or they will hang separately. It’s all or nothing even if it destroys the country. Either way they win… If we let them, The numbers are on our side.
    Keep true to your vows to the Republic, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, uphold the rule of law. There is no racism under justice “who is blind”!

  • Max

    I forgot to proofread the last paragraph, voice dictation is very unreliable. Just look at the president speech he gave at the national archives, generated automatically to be read on ABC website? Maybe on CBS… What a joke.

    The paragraph should’ve said;
    Big media is owned by billionaires and corporations. Multinational corporation’s who give their allegiance to whatever country that can back them up with military force.

    I would add that severe measures are at their disposal. How far will they go? To make the odds even, the threat of starvation is a tool they’re using now. A “real” pandemic is not off the table that will affect them as much as us.
    Expect power shortages, protesters/antifa attacking the power grid in winter when freezing pipes can do the most damage. (Burn it all down) Once fully exposed as domestic terrorists, expect them to behave like terrorists.
    If they win, they get to keep all the marbles in the New World order. (Except for the ones who will get the bullet as they consolidate their power) They will rewrite history with “1984” as the model… A boot on your face forever. The coming dark Age.

    If they lose, it’ll be years before the new Nurenberg trials begin.
    Hundreds of millions have died from war since the beginning of the last century. It should be still fresh in our memory, but it is not. Did we learn anything at all?
    World war three is being done with technology so they don’t kill the golden goose.

    But it’s a war nonetheless.

  • Max

    Chris asked for more info…

    I found this;

    Witch linked to a gold mine of info about our future;

    12366 Poway Road # 106
    Poway, CA 92064
    Everest is a decentralized platform incorporating a massively scalable payment solution, EverChain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet, and a native biometric identity system, EverID. Everest delivers a complete solution for a new economy.
    Everest Biometrics News

    Everest brings distributed approach to biometric ID4D
    Jan 3, 2019
    Extending legal identity to the billion people without it by 2030 to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16:9…

    More Everest News
    Stay on the cutting edge of the biometrics industry by subscribing to daily news updates from
    Why is September 16 International Identity Day? Learn more.


    Biometrics will help make higher purchase limits permanent amid cashless push:
    Mastercard exec

    U.S. Congressmen push a bipartisan digital ID package

    Trust Stamp integrating biometric hash solution with Mastercard on children’s vaccine record system

    Biometrics and AI to help retail recovery being developed, launched and tested around the world

    Fingerprint Cards patent filing for biometric fingerprint image enhancement published in U.S.

    Vision-Box biometrics deployed at Canadian airport, more airports in Asia roll out facial recognition processes

    UnifyID gait recognition API provides passive behavioral biometrics capabilities for mobile developers

    EU leaders to propose regional digital ID system rules and funding by mid-2021

    Amazon and Microsoft move for dismissal of biometric privacy suit, arguing no jurisdiction for training data

    Touchless biometric identification and authentication for resumption of work, shopping and travel.”

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    ref– ‘threat of starvation’– If people realized how tenuous the food-supply actually is, (right now) they would flip out.
    Pretty much all buffer-stocks of literally everything, were burned down in March/April. Manufacturer’s also slashed the number of SKU’s they provide and are concentrating exclusively on core products. Literally everything remains on allocation and will remain so into October.

  • Max

    Thanks Wayne, your kind words are always appreciated.

    Off the top of my head, I’ll attempt a list of things that’s happened which will affect our food supply besides the rationing that’s occurring already.
    We are sending food to Africa because they had a plague of locusts.
    China killed The equivalent of 1/4 of the earths pork supply last fall during the African swine flu.
    Harvesting of crops in Germany have stopped until they locate and kill the wild hogs spreading swine flu there. They do not want dead pigs in fields infecting the feed supply.
    Because the workers in slaughter houses were infected this spring and shut down, the farmers slaughtered their pigs and buried them because they could not feed them. No slaughterhouse would take them. Even the pregnant sow’s were given drugs to abort the babies.
    Same happened with beef slaughter houses, shut down because of Covid. Stressed slaughter houses are bought up by Brazil and shut down.
    A ship with 6000 cows was lost in a storm from New Zealand.
    A windstorm here, not only ruined the Apple crop, but blew over the apple trees themselves. The Midwest had a storm so bad that it destroyed entire farms for hundreds of miles running the crop.
    Old coconut trees are not being replaced throughout Southeast Asia, so coconut products are getting scarce.
    Heavy rains in China all summer has drastically reduced their crops, food products are being bought up from all over the world.
    Australia is under such severe lockdown, food growing there, that didn’t burn during the fire arson season, may never make it to harvest let alone to the ships.
    Cities were riots are taking place are very difficult to deliver food to, trucks with armed guards. Truckers going over state lines are all being tested, if another outbreak is claimed, borders will be closed from one state to another.
    Many businesses refusing to take cash, I even had an argument with a young lady showing her on the bill that it says “good for all debts public and private”. That it’s not actually legal for her to refuse cash. She said take it up with the corporate.
    If the power goes out, your computer won’t work to have a home delivery of food. Or to turn on your heat, or to keep your pipes from freezing, the cell towers may not work.
    People who had a couple of hurricanes where they shut down all oil production in the gulf, knows what it’s like to go weeks without power.

    I’m sure somebody can list all the things that I forgotten.

    I heard yesterday that gun sales of all types are through the roof and ammo was hard to get. Women make up most of the first time sales realizing they can’t rely on the police coming.

    To me, yesterday’s post of biometric data it’s very scary. The keywords up above is; new economy, children’s DNA at birth to a database with their immunization record, AI, The gate tracker so they know who you are by the way you walk, Google and Amazon being exempt from privacy laws meant for only us little people, face recognition.
    There was even an article about instant blood test which will sample your genome and tell them who you are, and your relatives. Just like “Gattaca” the movie.

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