Anti-Trump protesters get violent at Trump rally

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Brown-shirts: Protesters at a Trump rally tonight in New Mexico threw rocks, broke windows, and blocked exits.

More here. and here. There were some reports of gunfire, but these appear to not be true. Regardless, it is unconscionable for these protesters to act this way. They might think the Trump is a fascist, but the only ones acting like fascists here are the protesters themselves.

There has been a lot of anger and passion during this presidential campaign, but so far almost all the violence has come from the left.



  • wodun

    It was clearly an organized riot. You can tell by the lawyers wearing those high visibility vests.

    Rioting while waving Mexican flags and yelling obscenities isn’t going to win anyone over and does more to slander the character of Americans of Latino descent than anything Trump ever said.

  • Al

    This and the thug and thuglet trying to intimidate Milo Yiannopoulos ( ) are symptoms of something bigger. These actions are less likely to take place if there are consequences, and because of pressure from the Obama administration, most of the consequences are pretty much gone. Obama has intentionally created an atmosphere where lawlessness rules and animals are allowed to get their way through the use of force. It’s everything that government is supposed to protect us against, but it is being encouraged and cultivated instead. The man is truly evil.

  • Cotour

    This is the tip of the violence potential of these leftist radicals who are essentially lead from the White House. Wait until they start battling each other at their own convention. They understand that this is a key election and all of their leftist, un American / internationalist “progress” is threatened with the election of either Sanders or Clinton. (yes I know Edward, Trump is a “tyrant”)

    I hear my friends who call themselves “liberals” talk. While a reasonable person when pushed will defend themselves resulting in the maximum results for another person (death), in their speech they promote and are willing to achieve that ultimate result for another individual based just on someones different philosophy. The left are certainly the most violent among us.

    They demand that all others bow down to their “compassionate” philosophy, while a reasonable Conservative only wants to be respected and left alone. Two very different approaches to the puzzle of life.

    And on top of that they mostly can not ever defend their positions other than just disagreeing (extremely intellectually dishonest). Un-tethered balloons can be pushed where ever the strongest wind wants to blow them.

  • Cotour

    “They understand that this is a key election and all of their leftist, un American / internationalist “progress” is threatened with the election of either Sanders or Clinton. (yes I know Edward, Trump is a “tyrant”)”


    “They understand that this is a key election and all of their leftist, un American / internationalist “progress” is threatened with the election of a Trump. (yes I know Edward, Trump is a “tyrant”)”

  • Garry

    We don’t know what may be threated by trump; the man is a huge wildcard and a walking rorschach test (spelling?).

  • Cotour

    To your point, we certainly do know what Hillary or Bernie are about.

    (that goes for Biden and Warren, should Hillary have second thoughts a bout running. But Biden is just a agenda-less establishment tool, possibly the least threatening)

    Wild card yes, absolutely, but IMO he tends to be an American wild card and not a leftist wild card which must not be allowed.

    Choose one.

    (I am wondering if Hillary’s situation becomes more and more untenable, we see that the State Department just came out with a negative hit on her, might she be forced aside by the president? This might be the scenario, the FBI report comes out and it is very bad and it increases her negatives through the roof to the point where it is plain that she can not win. The president might give her a push by suggesting she drop out and if she does she receives a pardon or some kind of retroactive all encompassing pass (if there is such a thing), and if she refuses that he offers her no protection and if Trump were to win then she would have the full force of the Department of Justice would come down on her AND her family. The scenario of course runs into Bernie and the Bernie contingent though and all of those annoying votes that people cast for him. Either way they are between an interesting rock and a hard place, possibly more interesting and destructive than the Republicans.)

  • Robert

    I had friends there who went to show a rally to their German exchange student. The teenage boy of my son, soon to be an Eagle Scout, said that it was fun to watch the police haul ’em out by the collar inside. They didn’t witness these things outside.

    One thing of note, the TSA was doing the security screening for the event.

    According to my friend from Los Alamos, Trump began fine then rambled for a very long time, often repeating things he’d already covered, but did include attacks on TSA at which all cheered.

    If he’s such a take charge guy, why didn’t he insist on a private contractor for security as opposed to allowing the Secret Service to use TSA uniformed agents? His rhetoric was seen as just empty demagoguery by my friend.

  • Cotour

    Unfortunately ” empty demagoguery” is the key to success in politics in America right now. It might actually be the most successful technique in history. Likeability and imagery over actual substantive content.

    Trump’s thinking is abstract and his repeating himself is a kind of mantra and visual reinforcement technique IMO.

    I suppose that when the Secret Service takes over your security they tend to take over? Why else use the TSA? They are just sheer numbers not so much professional security.

  • wodun

    often repeating things he’d already covered

    Repetition is a deliberate strategy.

    His rhetoric was seen as just empty demagoguery by my friend.

    Trump is a lot like Obama.

  • Cotour

    That’s the point about success today in politics, its what is effective. Be the best painter of the picture that people can inhabit and call their own. You don’t have to love it just recognize it and understand it.

    Obama, like it or not has been and IS a success. (I do not like it either but that is the facts of the situation)

    Is Trump just another Obama in his philosophy? No, but in his technique, yes. Use a lot of well chosen words and not say much of anything and drive the cult of personality to success. And its not a phony thing that he does it is his natural condition, its a personality type.

    The imagery: The wall, Stopping out the flood of illegal immigrants, Stop the flood of un vested Muslims, Elizabeth Warren is dopey, Hillary is a crook, Crazy Bernie, Bad business / deals being done etc, etc. These are the images that the American people readily recognize and attach to because of how they have been treated by the political class for the past 30 years.

  • Wayne

    You have that right!

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