Anti-Trump protesters vandalize Richmond Republican headquarters

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The hate is real: Anti-Trump protesters today vandalized Richmond Republican headquarters while also blocking roads.

I could also add that this is only the beginning. You see, the left doesn’t really believe in democracy, whereby you accept the will of the majority. To them, the only ones who are qualified to rule are themselves, or their leaders, and any other choice by the rest of the population must be destroyed, by any means necessary.



  • Wodun

    Some of this vandalism are random acts of individuals but these protests are organized by then democrat party. Will the media call on the Democrat party to respect the process and other human beings?

  • C Cecil 82 Airborne vet.

    The United States should reinstate the draft. A minimum of two years to serve our great nation just might instill some patriotism and discipline in these young people.

  • Tom Billings

    “Will the media call on the Democrat party to respect the process and other human beings?”

    When the media look at this violence from “progressive” partisans, they see “passion”. When non-progressives, or former progressives, like racists, exhibit violence, then its fascism.

  • wodun

    @C Cecil 82 Airborne vet.

    The problem with a draft is that Democrats view the military as a vehicle to inculcate their ideology.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “I could also add that this is only the beginning. You see, the left doesn’t really believe in democracy, whereby you accept the will of the majority.

    Actually, many of the leftists who are protesting are insisting that since Clinton got more votes it was an unfair election. Naturally, they always bring this up every time their person gets the majority but can’t win the Electoral College.

    This is why we are not exactly a democracy. If we were, then only the larger states would matter in any election, and the smaller states would become unimportant and virtually ignored by the executive branch. Our system is set up in order to prevent a malicious majority from unfairly ruling over a defenseless minority. It could lead to slavery, or something like it.

    What the left really abhors is a system that prevents them from winning every time. Any system that gives their adversaries a voice or a fair chance is, to them, a broken system. Somehow, they just don’t have much faith that their preferred systems are superior enough to speak for themselves.

    This is why the Democrats created the KKK, because their slaves suddenly had a voice and were getting elected into positions of power; to the Democrats, this was unacceptable, and they tried everything that they could in order to mute and emasculate the emancipated slaves. What finally worked was giving them free stuff — along with convincing them that they were not good enough to earn stuff on their own (ironically, the insult has been lost on them in favor of the free stuff).

    Meanwhile, the left advocates that individuals should be ruled (top down governance), even to the point of telling people how they must spend their own money. The right advocates that individuals should run their own lives (bottom up governance), even to the point of choosing how to spend and make their own money.

    The right acknowledges that We the People are smart enough and work hard enough to build our own businesses, but the left declares that “someone else built that.” The left most definitely believes that someone else should run “that,” which is why we have so many onerous rules, regulations, and laws that hamper our ability to operate our businesses competitively (and why so much manufacturing has moved to other countries).

    Because we have representatives for most of our governance, we are less a democracy and more a republic. Many local governments put governance decisions on the ballot for the populace to vote upon. This is democracy in action.

    It is a republic that reduces the influence of the individual, because the individual is ruled through representatives. It is a democracy that empowers the individual, because the rule comes from each person. The irony is that the Republican and Democratic parties are named backward to how they advocate the nation’s governance.

    So, yes, as Robert wrote, “the left doesn’t really believe in democracy.

    But then again, the left does not put much store in the rule of law, so they feel free to riot and vandalize wantonly, especially in hissy fits when they don’t get their way. Just as children do, they throw these fits in order to get people to “go along to get along” and quiet down the baby in the room, as though they are saying, “do as we want, or we will riot again.”

    Then again, Project Veritas showed that it was the Democrats, not the Trump supporters, who were creating the violence. This is just more of the same.

    More irony: Trump tends to prefer the top down, bigger government solutions to problems. He definitely prefers central control, which gives him more power, over distributed control, which gives others more power and freedom. Trump should please, not anger, the protesters. But this is the problem with seeing only the small picture, not the big picture. The limited view makes people more easily influenced by their own enemies (e.g. the Democrats).

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