April 25, 2016 Zimmerman Space Show appearance

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My appearance on the Space Show yesterday is now available as a podcast. I strongly recommend people listen to it, especially the first hour. During that section I compared at length the cost and practicality of the Falcon Heavy with SLS/Orion, and noted how badly Congress and Presidents from both parties have served the American people these past twenty years in mismanaging our aerospace industry.

David Livingston called it a rant, and criticized me for it during the show, but I think the time has come for more Americans to rage in horror at the foolishness and possible corruption of our elected leaders in Washington.


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  • Wayne

    Very enlightening show. I’m getting more-n-more schooled in the difference between Crony-space & more Free-Market oriented Space.
    With reference to mutual-funds & investments into private companies; I won’t speak to the exact vehicles mutual funds use to invest in non-public companies, but depending on what the Prospectus specifies the individual Fund can hold, it’s a perfectly legal investment.
    Generally– only specific Funds within a family of Funds, will hold “non-liquid” investments, and advisory-management is responsible for “marking to market” the carrying value, but not on a daily basis. (which excludes them from being held by certain type of mutual funds.)
    –These limited-market investments, will be inside specialty Funds, and not inside for example, a money-market Fund or a generic Stock or Bond Fund. And even then, in relatively small percentages, per Fund.
    That’s not to say you won’t encounter high-flyer specialty Funds, but the Vanguard’s & Fidelity’s of the world, only hold these type of investments in a relatively small number of Funds, so you aren’t likely to “accidently” own a piece of SpaceX unless you intend to invest in these type of Companies.

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