April 28, 2016 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. Discussed the SpaceX proposal to send Dragon to Mars, as well as the ramifications of SpaceX’s first Air Force launch contract.


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  • J Fincannon

    You made it sound like nothing COULD stop SpaceX from going to Mars, but it seems that since he needs a launch licence issued by Uncle Sam to fly anything, then to get such a licence he must follow whatever regulations the government wishes to levy. In this case, perhaps they wish to enforce some sort of planetary protection regulations. So he can either accede to these regulations (through negotiations I presume) or not fly. It is hard to say how dedicated Uncle Sam is to enforcing these regulations, but they are out there. So, his entire spacecraft that is going to touch the surface will need to be decontaminated. I always wonder how valid such a process is, but its what the experts say needs to be done. At least the whole spacecraft doesn’t have to be baked to some ridiculously high temperature.

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