ARCA’s CEO provides update on charges against him

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Capitalism in space: The CEO of ARCA, Dumitru Popescu, yesterday released a youtube video where he provides an update on the fraud and embezzlement charges against him.

He spends most of the video describing what happened when he was arrested. However, he also says that he and his attorney have now seen the evidence against him, and though he cannot discuss it yet he is confident that he will be found innocent in court.

The man appears sincere, but who knows. We shall see. He also says that ARCA is moving forward, though he also admits that his arrest was a setback for the company.


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  • wayne

    I was previously able to locate the arrest document for Popescu, but not the actual allegations.

    Anyone here able to locate the actual charges? Popescu might not want to discuss it, but it’s a public document.
    -It’s obvious from the reporting on this, that reporters have read the charges, but they fail utterly in linking directly to them & insist on interpreting the charges for us all, the arrogant scum that they are and always will be.
    (The DA can allege and charge anything they want, doesn’t make any of it true however.)

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