Archeologists have located lost tunnel from the Great Escape POW camp

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Archeologists have located the last “Great Escape” tunnel dug by Allied prisoners during World War II.


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  • Carl

    Among the many prisoners at Stalag Luft III were two of the Doolittle Raiders. They were David “Davey” Jones and Thomas Griffin. Jones had been the pilot of the #5 B-25 and Griffin the navigator of the #9 B-25. Both bombed Tokyo and both were shot down flying missions out of North Africa later in the war. Jones was the head of the team digging the tunnel named Harry. Griffin was also a tunneler. When shot down they were imprisoned with British fliers.They were transferred to an American compound within the camp before the escape took place.

    The excavation of Harry by archeologists became an episode of Nova on PBS in 2004. Major General Jones returned to Stalag Luff III for the dig and was featured in the episode. He passed away in 2008 12 days before the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Major Griffin was the keynote speaker at Pearl Harbor for the 67th anniversary of the attack.

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