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Are the COVID vaccines killing people over time? The data suggests yes.

Excess mortality by age

While overall the risk of getting the COVID shots is quite small, the data is increasingly suggesting that these shots might have some very serious long term consequences. The graph to the right, taken from a January 2022 report [pdf] of the Society of Actuaries Research Institute and first spotted by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, indicates a shocking and inexplicable increase in mortality among the nation’s young. As noted by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Something is killing off large numbers of 25- to 54-year-olds in the United States, and the powers that be in government and the media are pretending it is not happening. There is no visible effort to study the alarming statistics gathered by actuaries for the life insurance industry, which keeps track of deaths because they directly impact their bottom line through claims from the insured. [emphasis in original]

These deaths are not Wuhan flu deaths. However, the sudden rise of mortality from many other causes among the young in the third quarter of 2021, only a short time after the majority of the population had been given the COVID shots, is significant and strongly suggests the shots have something to do with this.

That supposition is further strengthened by another story today:

AIDS-related Diseases & Cancers reported to VAERS increased between 1,145% and 33,715% in 2021

For clarity, these AIDS-related deaths are not related to the HIV virus. Acquired immunodeficiency (AIDS) can occur for many reasons, and when it does the victim then can die from many other diseases or cancers, because his or her body can no longer fight them off.

Below is the most pertinent graph from that story, created by The Exposé directly from publicly available CDC data.

Adverse AIDS deaths caused by vaccines
Credit: The Exposé

As this graph shows, the increase in AIDS deaths appears directly related to the arrival of the COVID shots in 2021. Subtract the red bar (COVID shots) from the yellow bar and the number of adverse reactions to vaccines ends up almost identical to the numbers in the previous fourteen years. Apparently, the experimental jab increased the amount of AIDS by over 950%.

If true, this data is truly terrifying. It suggests that over time the COVID shots are damaging immune systems. Though the numbers are still very small and uncertain, the percentage increases shown in the actuarial table above suggest that with time they could increase, and do so exponentially.

Lifson notes the disinterest by the government and the media in these facts. Though partisan politics by the leftist press to protect the leftist government is part of the reason, it doesn’t explain it all. With a large percentage of the population having been jabbed, there is nothing they can do about it, and to find out that they might have exposed themselves to serious long term illness because of it is not information most people will wish to absorb, especially since most people today allow their emotions — not rational thought — to dictate their actions. This information is truly terrifying, for real reasons.

In other words, since the deed has been done, why scare yourself? Make believe the problem doesn’t exist. Things will be far better that way, even as governments and businesses continue to insist that people get jabbed.

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  • Andrew_W

    I expect you would find the increase in deaths largely if not fully accounted for by causes like accidents and suicide.

  • Cotour

    A similar pattern, although much more extreme, to the professional soccer players that died in 2021 on the field as compared to all the deaths over the previous 20 years. Almost all of them due to heart issues. Soccer deaths in 2021 + 300%.

    I think in the end the insurance companies will be the final indicator about what is what related to Covid, deaths and the “Vaccine”.

    And it is still an unknown whether there will be increased deaths over time and not just in the year the “Vaccine” was initially taken.

  • The Snob

    A few thoughts.

    First, this appears to be begging the question when it says ‘and it’s not due to Covid because this group isn’t particularly vulnerable.’ 25-54 year olds generally don’t drop dead so a small increase in mortality in numbers can lead to a big increase in percentage rate.

    Second, I can’t find the original study so I can’t tell if this accounts for people who may have had Covid without knowing it. While Covid generally manifests as a mild illness particularly in younger people, there is considerable evidence that it does lasting damage to the circulatory system in a significant percentage of otherwise mild cases. Given that many people who had Covid were never diagnosed as such, there is a lot of room for causality here.

    Third, I would want to see this data split out between all-cause mortality and suicide/drug ODs, given what we know about those, especially in younger people.

    Last, I am deeply skeptical of vaccine narratives from partisan sources on both sides. The dynamic of our culture today is intellectually decadent in that we are so rich and secure that we can afford to be wrong about a great many things. People are more concerned about being seen as being on their team than they are with being right.

    This means that the minute any issue emerges, we can depend on our political dynamic to almost immediately fracture into “A” and “Not A” sides. While this has some utility as a search algorithm for finding the truth at a societal scale, it is very inefficient, particularly at an individual level. It is very obvious to me that if Covid had blown up in 2019, then vaccine skepticism (particularly among black Americans) would have been the Left’s issue. We know this because it was for a brief moment during the election when notable leftists were declaring they weren’t going to take any “Trump shots.”

    I refer to all that as decadence because it is a luxury to be able to indulge in that kind of partisanship on an issue which is not fundamentally political. In a truly existential crisis, one cannot afford to be anything other than pragmatic and evidence-based.

  • Rfm

    Recommend the ethical skeptic for more detail. He’s a little opaque to avoid cancellation, but he’s been all over this for a while;

  • Jaynie

    This is such bad news.

    Interesting that the bad effects of the jab are grouped together. I wonder whether the mRna jab and the J&J versions would show up differently on the above graphs if they were differentiated.

    Also I wonder whether there are some self treatments to prevent the long term side effects.

  • b k

    Why are there so many excess deaths in every age group over the entire period? Has Covid caused a baseline that is now up to 130% or so? That doesn’t sound correct to me. But if that is the “new normal”, then it could be just a statistical anomaly that they jumped in the last quarter, since the baseline level will still be relatively small numbers (making a few additional excess deaths a bigger percentage increase).

  • Dr. S

    There are very good reasons to not perform mass human subjects experimentation, especially without full informed consent, aside from the Nuremberg code and similar ethical codes regarding human subjects developed later.

    With the so-called vaccines, full informed consent should have included the admonition “long-term adverse side effects of this new treatment are unknown.”

    Instead what we got was, in effect, “it’s the safest and most secure election, er, vaccine, ever!”

  • leaky plumbing

    For all the skeptical commenters; Many censored prominent scientists were studying the virus AND the “vaccine” from the beginning and trying to sound the alarm. The now FOIA-court ordered released Pfizer clinical documents (you know, the ones they wanted to keep away from the public for 75 years) list all the adverse events now starting to show up. More disclosures coming.

    “In other words, since the deed has been done, why scare yourself? Make believe the problem doesn’t exist. Things will be far better that way, even as governments and businesses continue to insist that people get jabbed.” Nothing to see here…move along.

  • Spaghetti Coder

    The original Society of Actuaries study is at this link

    Well, well, well, “Note that since the July 2021 iteration of this report, the CDC has made a change to their methodology of estimating
    excess deaths to use six years of prior historical data rather than four. This change resulted in an increase in the weekly expected number
    of deaths by an average of 2% throughout the pandemic, which, in turn, decreased the estimates of total excess deaths.”

  • MJMJ

    The term “AIDS” does in fact refer to the immunodeficiency caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). As you can see by the title of the chart, “Number of acquired immune disorders (including AIDS)” the disease of AIDS is a subset of all acquired immune disorders, which also includes the suppression of immune function that occurs during chemotherapy. In other words, “acquired immune disorders” encompasses several things including AIDS but is not equal to AIDS.

  • Capt Amazing

    Figure 8.2 in section 8.3 is useful to help understand that it’s more likely that the disease itself is responsible instead of the vaccine.

  • TwinsAreSpiffy

    Adjusting for the huge increase in overall vaccinations administered in the country in 2021/2022, is the second chart “Number of…disorders…as a reaction to a vaccine” surprising? Expressed as a rate (reaction count/vaccination count) there may not be much change at all.

    More importantly, tying these particular deaths to overall mortality does not really hold up. If we ascribe every single one to the 55-64 age group, where 50,000 or so people die of coronary heart disease and >300K every year for all causes, those 700 deaths are really not moving the needle much.

    700 additional deaths is still very bad news. I completely agree with Dr. S regarding mass experimentation on human subjects without informed consent. And the government is obviously not being transparent about any of this.

  • megaboz

    There is a recent video on YouTube by UnHerd interviewing a Danish professor who has a background in study non-specific effects of vaccines. For example a measles vaccine that reduces mortality beyond what would be expected if it only protected against measles, but due to other non-specific effects somehow reduces mortality from other causes. A vaccine could have the opposite effect, where it results in higher overall mortality due to non-specific effects even though it is very protective against the specific disease it was targeted for.

    What her initial findings show is that there is an increase in overall mortality among those who take the mRNA based vaccines vs the adenovirus based vaccines. The video is 35 minutes and worth watching.

  • Peter Gee

    I’m so glad I took Astra Zeneca, developed as a non-profit by Oxford University, and not the for profits designed in the USA by Big Pharma. Astra is an adenovirus vaccine. There have been rare cases of brain bleed, often fatal with Astra, but very few of the literally billions of doses used worldwide. I refuse to take the mRNA vaxes but in the USA, where I am not, you had no choice. The FDA refused to certify Astra. Funny that…………….

  • Max

    It is understood that the crisper, which allows the edition and splicing of the RNA and DNA within six hours of the injection, cannot be controlled. The infected cell DNA is spliced, spliced, spliced until it is no longer functional which results in cancer, and immune deficiency due to its inability to make RNA to fight disease.
    In the past I have posted several scientific organizations which has verified this.

    The shots are considered dangerous and unavailable to the public until vigorous experimentation can be performed, but this was rushed to human experimentation, bypassing the normal testing on animals due to “emergency authorization” in “operation warp speed”. The need to do “something” even if it was the wrong thing, throwing caution to the wind with the aid of unlimited funds greasing the wheels.

    An experimental vaccine, that under normal circumstances would not be allowed unless it was “end of life treatment”, no hope of recovery.
    All such treatments are closely watched and documented with regular follow ups by the doctors and the pharmaceuticals that provided the experimental treatment… This is strictly regulated by law. If you received an experimental vaccine, and received no follow up examinations, bloodwork, and consultation… All parties involved in your treatment can be held responsible.
    “Under normal conditions”, but all parties involved have been given a license to kill, no responsibility for any deaths due to a bad product!
    They didn’t care what their product did as long as they couldn’t be held liable for the results. They even omit that they had no clue what the long-term ramifications would be, or how long it would last… Or if it would work at all.
    The recent data dump of 80,000 pages revealed that they knew it was no better than 12% effective for seven days. But they falsified data because they had an Iron clad agreement that they could not be held liable. The government and its representatives who have been receiving their payments are complicit and refuse to drop the liability claim even though fraud has been proven.
    “It’s good to be king”

    The most recent concession to the overwhelming evidence…

    And the running tally on athletes having heart attacks in the prime of their lives.

  • TB

    I am a critical care nurse, and dealt with COVID daily. The great majority of the hospitalized COVID patients were unvaxed, and the vaxed patients were mainly those with severe co-morbidities, usually cancer.

    Anecdotally, among my co-workers, we believe we are seeing a large increase in strokes and stroke-like conditions. COVID causes blood clots, and most COVID cases are mild or completely asymptomatic, which doesn’t mean it isn’t causing some damage! The vax seems also to cause clots, and even vaxed people easily catch COVID even if they are less likely to die from it.

    The uptick in overall deaths is completely unsurprising given the above. Even before COVID we dealt with the occasional heart attack or stroke in a younger person. Vaxed or not vaxed, I expect to continue seeing a lot more of these. I have not personally had a patient with an unexplained loss of immune function. So far at least, the excess deaths seem perfectly explainable by the increase in blood clots.

  • Edward

    b k asked: “Why are there so many excess deaths in every age group over the entire period? Has Covid caused a baseline that is now up to 130% or so?

    There is a belief that the political reaction to the Wuhan flu caused a serious disruption in the societal interactions that we humans have with each other. These drastic changes seem to have had serious impacts on happiness, healthiness, and the ability to cope. Overdose deaths increased, access to healthcare was denied to many, and many people lived in fear. The quality of life decreased immensely during the Great Oppression (which is not entirely over, but is mostly so). Many people believe that this had a terrible effect on the death rates across all age groups.

    The third quarter of 2021 is when booster shots started being recommended or mandated. Some of the adverse reactions to these shots seemed to occur at a higher rate to younger people and sometimes to women. The shots seemed to be best for the older people, those over 75, and seemed to be of little harm to that same group, but we see great harm to younger people, especially athletic people (generally younger).

    I suspect that as we stop the panic, return to normal pre-2020 lives, and the younger people stop taking the vaxxination and its boosters, we will finally get back to normal death rates again.

    The government’s reaction to the Wuhan flu, overbearing tyranny, has been a complete cluster bleep.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • Jeff Wright

    Here is where you need an independent safety panel!

  • Cotour

    Back to reality: Is this just life? Or is this an emerging pattern?

    “Leading Pennsylvania Democrat Candidate for U.S. Senate John Fetterman Suffers Stroke” 2022

    “Democratic Sen. Ben Ray Lujan suffered a stroke, which could complicate Biden’s Supreme Court plans” 2022

    “Spokesman: Tom Ridge hospitalized with a stroke. Former PA governor in stable but critical condition” 2021

    Now three strokes among politicians does not a trend make, but this and other related health issues might be an interesting thing to keep watching.

    They are all shot up, but then again, they all breath air and drink water also.

    I might expect that the number of stroke stats along with deaths would increase in both year 2021 and 2022 if the “Vaccine” was involved in any negative manner. (???????)

    Time will tell the tale, the numbers will be the numbers.

  • wayne

    Any idea how old these 3 people were?
    How old are Pelosi and Mitch?
    (interesting back-story factoid; Mitch had polio when he was child, its sorta amazing he’s still alive

  • Cotour

    Fetterman: 53.

    Lujan: 50

    Ridge: 77

    The potential irony is massive.

  • Thanks for posting this info Mr. Zimmerman. Glad there are people out that are willing to question the mainstream narrative in a public forum so that we have the chance to debate hard topics.

    I figure both COVID and the vaccine are causing the same or similar problems. I didn’t get the jab, but I did get COVID three weeks ago. I thought the CDC guidelines were written like a bad joke so I followed the Zelenko and i-Mask+ protocols. Being in my early 40s and in good health, I had a fever for a few days, a dry cough, runny nose, and was tired. That was it. It ended up being the most restful vacation I’ve been on in years. Of course I have no idea if I have permanent internal damage and that’s worrisome, but dealing with the symptoms was about 10% as bad as having the flu and that made me furious about the lockdowns. I think the Great Barrington Declaration is the way to go.

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