“Are they prepared to listen to reasoned arguments articulated by Ryan about the need for entitlement reform, or will they succumb to simplistic liberal cant about pushing grandma over the cliff?”

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The choice of the electorate in November: “Are they prepared to listen to reasoned arguments articulated by Ryan about the need for entitlement reform, or will they succumb to simplistic liberal cant about pushing grandma over the cliff?”

Sadly, at this moment in the campaign we don’t know what the electorate will do. What we do know is that the Democrats are going to use some of the most absurd, hateful, and despicable attacks against both Romney and Ryan, as they did in 2008 against Sarah Palin and have so far against Romney. It is their idea of civility.



  • JGL

    Let me provide an interesting real world perspective on this issue, I have an employee, she voted for Obama and is emotionally attached to

    him because she like all liberals / socialists is an emotitonalist.

    If you talk to her she is actually a practical conservative person but identifies politically as a “liberal” and has a default mistrust of Republicans.

    She comes to work this morning and the first thing she says to me is that “she is excited about Ryan”, she was very positive.

    (This was initiated by her, she went out of her way to tell me this )

    It looks like her love affair with Obama is coming to an end.

    This, believe me is a positive indicator for Romney. Ryan, besides being a conservative that can properly communicate is ideas is a young,

    good looking next gen man and provides a viable other choice.

    This will have a real world effect on the election as base and transparent as this appears.

    Paul Ryan is a true asset in many ways.

  • I’m wondering if not just democrats but also republicans are willing to listen to reasoned arguments articulated by Ryan , I hope so somebodies got to something . hopefully whatever happens in the election politicians will be able to solve some problems afterward . its going to be interesting for sure

  • wodun

    Every time someone brings up Ryans proposed plan to change Medicare for those under 55 at some point in the future, Democrats should be forced to defend Obama’s $700b cuts to Medicare that actually happened.

  • JGL

    Yes, interesting for sure and when the people realize that while Ryan’s plan proposes dealing with Medicare at some point, Obamacare

    actually does by current passed law of the land initiate the destruction of Medicare as it functions now, they will realize the logic disconnect

    that the left and the Obama adminstration insists that they buy into.

    It’s like Bill Clinton who essentially asked intelligent people to suspend their logic and common sense during the Lewinskey situation while

    under oath, these are techniques of the left.

    Ryan however must maintain his composure and remain humble, the only thing at this point that can bring him down is his ego.

    It appears he has it under control.

    I just read a headline, it read ” Ryan appears to be channeling Locke” (John Locke), how unique, an American politician openly speaks about

    where the peoples rights actually come from, and guess what, IT”S NOT FROM THE GOVERNMENT!

    What a revelation.

    The Constitution is where our and the planets future resides, I want more of this kind of conversation buy the people who are elected and

    swear an oath to the document that lies at our foundation and not just ignore it and do as they please when in power.

    (this apply’s to both parties for the past 50 or so years)

  • If only elections turned on well-reasoned arguments. Sadly, this is rarely true. I fear that Romney has cleared a path for Dear Leader’s reelection. Had he chosen Rubio, he could concentrate on Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Now Axelrod will pour huge resources into Florida, forcing Romney to defend that state, and still have to make pickups elsewhere. Axelrod won’t stop throwing granny off a cliff. Her whole family will follow.

  • JGL

    Axel Rod (Dabney Coleman) is revealing himself to be a desperate manipulator as is his master ( or is Axelrod the master?).

    Rubio will do a fine job of securing Florida, just imagin Rubio and Ryan at the same podium under the Florida sun, two good looking,

    articulate conservatives talking to adults about what must be talked about.

    Their counter, Debbie Wasserman -Shultz, need I say more?

    Watch how much money pours into the RNC and associated PACS, maybe two to one ?

    The Dem strategy is based in fear and class warfare, the people are sick and tired of hearing this BS.

    They will wake up, they must wake up, its their responsibility.

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